Dress Up Your Plastic Drawers

A set of clear plastic drawers is something almost every college student has in their dorm. It helps to at least give the appearance that they’re organized, even if sometimes what’s actually in those drawers is a bunch of random items thrown in. The drawback is that they aren’t very pretty to look at. You can turn those boring drawers, however, into a decorative item that both helps organize, and adds some nice pop to your dorm room.



  • scissors
  • tape
  • colored paper


The first thing to do is to measure out the drawers. Once you have the measurements, cut out pieces of paper that size. Your paper can be anything that matches with your room. You can get it all in the same pattern, or pick out a bunch of different pieces to add some variety. Whatever you want!


After the paper is cut out, all you do is just tape it to the inside of the drawer! And just like that, your drawers have been transformed! So simple and cute.

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All pictures taken from Uptown Girl.
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