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10 Dress Shoes That Are Also Comfortable

10 Dress Shoes That Are Also Comfortable

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Dress shoes are always a struggle for me. When starting going to job interviews and looking for work clothes, I found myself needing to look nice and presentable with dress shoes, but not wanting to be uncomfortable all day long. I thought it was impossible to do find the perfect combination of pretty dress shoes that were also comfortable. So I started my research, and trust me I was as surprised as you you’re about to be of the possibilities. Here are some of my findings.

1. Boots

Boots are great dress shoes because they’re comfortable, but also practical and dressable. You can wear them to work, but also to a party, run errands, go to the movies. They’re so flexible! They look good with everything too. Jeans, dress pants and dresses, you name it. 

Black booties


These boots I love for many reasons, but mostly because its the type of shoe I would wear every day. It’s a pair everyone should one. They’re black so they are timeless, and the most important part, that they’re comfortable for everyday looks.

Customer review: “So comfy: This boot is great. Very sleek. 11W fits perfectly. Comfortable cushioned footbed.”

Tan booties


These booties are perfect because they’re casual and fun, but stylish and based on the reviews, they’re so comfortable! The color makes them combine with many patterns and colors, and they would look so cute with work outfits.

Customer review: “Cute boots: Nice fall boots! Cute light and comfortable. Seem to fit true to size.”

2. Heels

I love heels! They always look so fashionable and stylish. My problem always is comfort. It’s really (REALLY) hard finding cute heels that are comfortable. I know you get what I’m saying. But worry not. These heels came to the rescue.


Black low pump

Lately, I’ve been into low pumps because they look so chic while keeping your feet safe and sound. Especially when the pump it’s so wide. You get the best of both worlds. These pumps look classic, and they do the work perfectly. Chic while comfortable.

Customer review: “The most comfortable business shoes ever. not too flashy and the block heel is perfect for having to walk long distances.”


Red heels

Yes, I was also skeptical about finding high heels that would also be comfortable. Like I said, they’re really hard to find. But Naturalizer came through with these red high heels that work perfect for spicing up your outfit. Of course, they’re still high heels so we can’t expect to run a marathon in these, but just by thinking you could get out of work walking perfectly straight works just fine.

Customer review: “I can wear them for a whole day at work and still feel very comfortable! It’s amazing!”

3. Loafers

Loafers are my favorite type of dress shoes. I feel like they’re the perfect combination of elegance, chicness, and comfort. They look so good and are so versatile. They come in many styles, colors, shapes. You can never go wrong with loafers.


Tan Loafers

Like the tan boots, I see so many possibilities with these loafers. The perfect pairing for a comfy office outfit, and also for a brunch date on the weekend. Just slip them right on and you’re ready to go.

Customer review: “Slippers for the office and weekend brunch adventures!”

White Loafers

White shoes are my weakness. And these white loafers are to die for. They look so elegant and classic. They’re practical and go with every outfit you’re thinking of. Get me a pair of these ASAP!


Customer review: “These are the 2nd pair I have ordered. Classic style, well made, and very comfortable.”

4. Ballerinas

Ballerina flats are never my go-to option but are one of those styles that are classics. Everyone should have one pair in their closet just because. The interesting about them is that they come in so many styles that when you start seeing them, you just want them all.

Black ballerinas

These classic black flats are a must. There’s no way you could go wrong with this pair. They look professional and tasteful. Not too eye-catching, which is good for a work environment, and slipping them on easily in the morning will get your day started.


Customer review: “It is hard to find wide width shoes that are work-appropriate, fashionable, and comfortable. These shoes fit the bill.”

Pink ballerinas

I had to put these classic pink ballerina on the list because why not. That color looks so cute but at the same time professional. They’re also a perfect secondary shoe. For when you’re in heels at a party and want to go down, but don’t want tasteless shoes. These are the best option for you.

Customer review: “Recently purchased for holiday wear super shiny super comfortable arrived quickly, fit true to size great quality would purchase again.”


5. Wedges

Wedges are a polarizing fashion item because you either love them or hate them. What no one can argue is that if you want high shoes without the heel, wedges are the way to go. Either you love them or hate them, they’re here to stay.

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White wedges


These are some classic white wedges and depending on your preference in open toe or not, they might not be for you. But these wedges would go so well with a pair of bell-bottom jeans, I can already imagine it.

Customer review: “I have been wearing this style Clark’s shoe for some time now and LOVE them.”

Pink wedges


I actually love these wedges because not only are they wedges, so by default comfortable but also they have the back open. That recently has been catching on on fashion, and I’m here for it. It looks chic and fashionable.

Customer review: “I was on my feet all day in these shoes. They are comfortable and look cute.”

6. Moccasins

Moccasins are one of my go-tos to dress shoes because they are just too comfortable. If you haven’t noticed still, my priority is always comfort. Mocassins are just a chic way to be comfortable, and I love it.


Black moccasins

I’m in LOVE with these shoes! They look funky, stylish and dressable all at the same time. The classic style that they have can pair really well with more modern outfits. The wide pump makes it really easy to walk, and for when you’re standing up for a long time.

Customer review: “Super cute with tights and a skirt or ankle pants! Comfy right out of the box runs a bit wide”

Leather moccasins


If the style didn’t convince you, I’m sure the color did. That color is to die for! So much chunky and funky, and professional all in one shoe. Great going out after work shoes.

Customer review: “Honest sizing, and very comfortable shoe! They look great!”

I hope you left with an idea of outfits you’ll make with these shoes. Leave a comment with your most comfortable dress shoes.

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