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How To Dress Like a Parisian

We all dream of dressing in the top designers as we walk down the streets of Paris eating at the best cafes and sipping on exquisite coffee, don’t we? But the best we can do here in great ole Durham NH, is to put together a banging outfit and rock it down main street, sipping on some Aroma Joe’s while stopping by Lexie’s Joint. The key to dressing like the top fashionistas do, is by giving off that effortless flare paired with simplicity in every outfit you choose. Here are some tips and necessities for your closet to dress like a Parisian!


1. The White Sneaker

White sneakers are needed in every closet, it should be a law honestly; but when it comes to the classic pure white converse I am so over those! Walking around campus the white converse is the only thing I see so branch out and maybe pick up The Superga sneaker. It is an Italian sneaker that is extremely popular among celebrities and will always be a fashion forward addition for your closet.


2. The Perfect Jean

For every girl, finding the perfect jean is impossible, but that moment you find it is the moment you fall in love for the first time. One type of jean that every girl needs in her closet is the light wash distressed look. It turns any outfit into an effortless iconic look. You need that one pair of jeans to make you look and feel amazing. But I am warning you now, finding them is a hunt, a hunt that is totally worth it in the end!


3. The Oversized T-Shirt

An oversized T-Shirt is needed in anyone’s closet. The T can give you three looks. The tucked in on one side look, the knotted on one side look, and the effortless loose look. Not everyday needs to be a fancy outfit type of day and T-shirts with jeans and sneakers are great for those casual class days while making you look fashion forward. When it comes to the T-shirt, dressing it up definitely depends on the accessories such as necklaces and purses.

4. The Best Bootie

Booties can go with any type of outfit from different types of jeans to a skirt and a crop top. Booties can make any outfit into an outfit that can be found on the streets of Paris. A high heeled bootie for the weekend and when it comes to going to class the smaller western style heeled booties are prime.

5. The Utility

The upcoming spring season may not always require a jacket but the one type to definitely invest in is the Utility jacket. Not only does it add a great sense of “put togetherness” to a simple outfit but it also adds a cinched waist which is flattering on everyone and anyone. The classic green utility jacket is a popular choice but to stand out look for one with leather sleeves to add a little edgy touch to any outfit.

6. The High Waisted Jean

The high waisted jean may not be for everyone’s liking but paired with a tucked in long sleeve shirt and a leather jacket on top, trust me you will want to try this look out. It not only looks immensely trendy but will make you feel like you have just walked out on to a runway instead of just walking into Scorps.


7. The Blanket Scarf

No matter the outfit, a blanket scarf can make it look like an absolute fashion forward piece of art, not to mention the warmth and comfort these scarves bring. The only thing I can say about these blanket scarves is that the more the merrier! There is no such thing as having too many scarves anyway, right?

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8. The Chunky Heel

These heels are the only heels I ever wear, also given the fact that they go with anything. If you have a formal to go to just grab the chunky heels or even if you have a date at Bella’s just pair these heels with some jeans and a cute sweater. When it comes to walking on main street after a night out, the walk to DHop may not be the easiest when you are walking in toothpick heels, right? With the chunky heel, life is made easy and you can make it to your pizza way after too!

9. The Turtle Neck Sweater

The turtleneck is definitely a comeback this year and in the form of a sweater it even adds great warmth along with its fashionista flare. With a pair of distressed jeans and heels; or even with leggings and sneakers it looks great with anything.


10. The Suede Anything (especially a skirt!)

Suede anything is obviously in this year but what I think the greatest addition to any closet is a suede skirt. The natural brown color for suede skirts are definitely a classic but I think a black or even a burnt red is even better. These skirts are great to wear to class or even out on the weekends making you look great with the A-lined style for any occasion.

How do you dress like a Parisian? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Trish Lederer

Patricia is a writer for the UNH Society19 chapter. She is currently majoring in Journalism with a minor in Political science. She also goes by Trish!

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