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How to Dress Like Jess (From New Girl)

Who’s that girl… it’s Jess! Ladies (and all of you guys who are forced to by your girlfriend) – we all love binge-watching “New Girl” on Netflix. While we can’t wait to see what “douche jar” worthy thing Schmidt will say next, or if Nick will ever end up falling in love; I absolutely love seeing what Jessica Day is going to wear next! All of the skirts, tights, and polka dots – her adorable style is totally steal-worthy! To help you replicate her cute, yet quirky outfits, here are some useful tips on how to dress like Jess!

1. Patterns, patterns, and more patterns!

Whether Jess is dressed up for work or she’s getting drinks with Cece at Nick’s bar, you can guarantee her outfit is jam-packed with patterns. The most important tip to remember when trying to figure out how to dress like Jess – make sure you include at least one item with a bold pattern (polka dots are always a safe bet). and

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2. Top off your outfit with a cardigan.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve probably noticed that Jess is constantly wearing cardigans – I swear she has one in every color! The easiest tip I can give on how to dress like Jess; throw on a brightly colored cardigan over any ensemble. and

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3. Skirts are a staple…

Along with a polka dot or striped top, you will always see Jess wearing a short, a-line skirt. There aren’t too many episodes where you catch her wearing pants, so the first step in learning how to dress like Jess; tuck those pants back into your drawer and pull out the skirts!


adoringzooey. and

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4. …and should always be paired with tights and flats.

With any Jess Day inspired outfit, you can’t forget to add black tights and flats (to compliment your skirt, of course)! and

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5. Complete the look with the perfect pair of glasses.

My favorite part about Jess’ style has to be her adorable frames! If you don’t wear glasses, you can easily find a pair with fake lenses. There are lots of online glasses websites, such as Warby Parker, that offer cheap and cute glasses.

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Any other ideas on how to dress like Jess? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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