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How to Dress Like the Cast of Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is so addicting due to the fact that it has all the ingredients of a perfect show: hot guys, crazy drama, a mystery, and beautiful fashion. Each PLL has their own style that reflects their individual personality, yet they are all equally appealing. As a broke college student, I can attest to the fact that while I want to dress like these fashion forward ladies, it’s not really in the cards to go out shopping and replicate their outfits. Instead, I’ve rummaged through my closet and figured out how to dress like cast of Pretty Little Liars using items you probably already have at home!


Her girly and trendy style is full of bright colors, florals, and fun statement pieces. Here, my friend has on a white blouse with a fun sequin blazer, but any blazer will do. Jeans go with everything, so that is a given. To top it off she has fun floral heels on that just scream Hanna.

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Aria is known for her funky style, which reflects the boldness that is Aria. She also has a thing for florals and funky heels. In this picture I am wearing a floral skirt with a plain black top. My heels have a fun spirit, just like Aria. I accessorized with a hourglass necklace and a glitzy headband.

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The cast of Pretty Little Liars isn’t all pink and flowers…just take a look at Emily’s style. I’d call her vibe sporty hipster, and her athletic bod allows her to work with all kinds of outfits. Pictured here is a pair of jeans with combat boots, a plain top rounding out the outfit nicely. Tie a flannel around the waist, just like Emily often does in the show. A bold necklace adds the one girly touch Emily seems to add to every outfit. The beanie completes the look.

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Spencer’s classy and preppy style is a the one look from the cast of Pretty Little Liars that’s a little bit more difficult to obtain. However, I managed to find a few statement pieces that can create a simple Spencer. A white professional blouse, or any color really, would be perfect. Think of something you would wear to an interview – just make sure it has a collar. Plain black jeans work great, while ballet flats (oxford shoes would work too) are a Spencer essential. I paired this with a statement necklace to give a little bit extra to the outfit.


So whether you’re a Hanna or a Spencer, these outfits are simple enough to reflect the many styles of cast of Pretty Little Liars. Remember to use simple pieces and play them up accordingly. These outfits could easily be combined as well if you wanted to mix it up and combine style. Enjoy this crazy season and bring back #Haleb and #Ezria.

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Which is the most stylish out of the cast of Pretty Little Liars? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Sabrina Dahlberg

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