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How To Dress For Florida Winters

How To Dress For Florida Winters

Best of luck with this. Florida winters are as predictable as…We’ll do our best to let you in on the secrets of appropriately addressing for temperatures in the 30’s when you leave for class at 8 a.m. and temperatures in the 80’s when you get out at noon. Keep reading for tips on how to dress for Florida winters!


Layers will be your best friend. Tank top, short sleeve, long sleeve, cardigan, sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, blanket. Just kidding. I mean, if you want to walk around campus with a blanket, be our guest. But we suggest sticking with a tank top and cardigan for when it gets warmer, and throwing a jacket on for those morning chills. A leather jacket is perfect for keeping you warm when you need it, but not melting your insides when the temperatures start to rise.


2. Hats and Gloves.

While you may not think you’ll have any need for these accessories in Florida, they definitely come in handy when its 28 degrees and you’re walking to class at 7 a.m. They’re also easy to stuff in your backpack when the sun decides to pop out and defrost our noses.

3. Combat Boots.

Combat boots were last year’s fad, but they’re definitely still in style and they’re the perfect shoe for the hot mess that is winter in Florida. Warm enough to keep your feet from going numb but also letting them breathe. With thick socks, you’re set for colder days and with a light pair of socks you’re good to walk around campus in the sweltering sun for hours.

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Chances are, you’re going to be too hot or too cold anyway, but we’ve done our best to give you a heads up.

Did you enjoy reading about how to dress for Florida winters? Any other advice for our readers? Comment below and share!
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