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How to Dress For Bipolar Weather

After living on the coast and in the mountains, I have run into a difficult clothing crisis: how to dress for weather that can’t decide? The day doesn’t know if it wants to be hot or cold and it changes throughout the day. I have figured out a few ways to combat the bipolar weather disorder and not change outfits a million times a day.


The best way to beat bipolar weather is to wear layers. Anything you can remove and put back on quickly is key. My personal favorite right now is vests. Pair a solid vest with a striped sweater and BOOM, you can easily maneuver the craziness. Other options would be scarves and cardigans. Articles like these make you look stylish and put together, but also shed easy when you need to cool down or warm back up.





I love wearing quarter sleeved shirts and sweaters. They typically go down a little past your elbows. They are really good when you want to catch a little bit of the chill from outside but don’t want to be bogged down with long-sleeves. I find that sometimes having my entire arm covered can make me feel really hot when I enter a building. Quarter sleeves are really easy to create: just roll up those sleeves and you are out the door.


This option is more for female friendly, sorry! I find that leggings are versatile when it comes to inconsistent weather. Leggings tend to be made of breathable material which clings to you. The clinging, I find, traps in some of your natural heat in the cold weather and can keep you from sweating your tail off in the hot days.



I know it may not sound like much, but socks make a difference. A lot of your body heat escapes through your feet. And the longer and thicker the socks, the more heat you are keeping in your shoes. I favor socks that go up to my calves. These can be hidden inside your boots or pants or worn over them. Either way, socks are a cute little fashion statement that keep your piggies from freezing off.

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Last but not least, beanies are key in crazy weather. You can get them floppy, with pom-poms on top, solid or patterned, any way really. Beanies are made for everyone. Heat, like with your feet, escapes from the top of your head as well. Beanies trap all that in. They keep your ears warm and always help hide a bad hair day. What’s better than that?


Even when the weather can’t decide what it wants to do, you can be prepared to handle it all. There’s no reason to carry around five different outfits during the day. Pick a few key items and you are ready for it all.

Camille Carr

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