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50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

With the Top 40 on constant repeat on the radio, countless new albums from the most popular rappers and artists (most likely discovered by Simon Cowell), and every catchy (but often unoriginal) pop song being promoted on social media, it can be difficult to scout out some raw, minimally-produced music. Fortunately, independent artists are nowhere near extinct, and their material is plentiful if you know where to look. Whether on a road trip on the Pacific Northwest coast or just chilling on a rainy day with a few of your closest friends, here are 50 dreamy indie songs to add to your Spotify playlists (full playlist can be found here). 

50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

1). Tomb– Angelo De Augustine 

With its angelic banjo and surprisingly masculine falsetto (Mr. De Augustine truly has a gift), this transcendental piece made the top of our list. 


2). Fever To The Form– Nick Mulvey

Both catchy and contemplative, we dare you not to hum the melody after listening to Fever To The Form a few times. But what does the ominous phrase mean? The World may never know. 

3). Eastern Bound– Hope and Justin

One of the more folksy songs on our list. The fusion of country, spiritual, and folksy vibes makes Eastern Bound one of our favorite indie songs. 

4). Birds Say– Darlingside

We’re loving the addition of electronic bass and multi-layering. 


50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

5). Bloom– The Paper Kites 

If indie songs had a president, Bloom would at least be a close runner-up. 

6). Little Flowers– Denison Witmer 

Such a sweet love song that we can’t imagine being played anywhere else but a rustic farmhouse. 


50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

7). Carrie & Lowell– Sufjan Stevens 

We can only imagine how sore Sufjan’s fingers must be after playing this song, but we appreciate the gorgeous banjo riff nonetheless! 

8). October– George Ogilvie 

You’ve likely never heard of this musician, but you’ll be hearing this song after you voluntarily play it on repeat.


50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

9). You Needed Love, I Needed You– Angelo De Augustine

This song so perfectly captures the heartbreak of being in a relationship for the long haul but your partner only going halfway. Kind of like an indie “Attention” by Charlie Puth.  

10). Dance with Me– beabadoobee

This is one of the gentler, more innocent of our indie songs. 


11). In Your Hands– Nick Mulvey 

This man is a genius with guitar and lyrics. During your next study break, we highly recommend checking out the gorgeous music video. 

50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

12). Storybook Story– Hope and Justin

Indie music has a way of telling true love like the fairytale it can be. 


13). To Be Alone With You– Sufjan Stevens 

Is this pretty song about Jesus? Or just about a girl? Give this song a listen and tell us what you think! 

14). Forest Fires– Axel Flovent

If Freddie Highmore quit his acting career and started pursuing music, he’d probably go and write a song like this. 

15). All The Pretty Girls– KALEO 

“Life is anything but fair.” 


50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

16). Tide– Angelo De Augustine 

What is it with this guy and his heavenly four-letter songs (that start with T)? We’re not sure, but whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it well. 

17). Ceilings– beabadoobee

This woman has the kind of ethereal voice we all envision when we think of the perfect indie song. Perhaps that’s part of the reason this song is called “Ceilings”…..


18). We Are Never Apart– Nick Mulvey

For an even bigger treat, try and see if Nick’s playing in a city near you and listen to him tell his story while playing the start of this song.

19). Halcyon– The Paper Kites 

Only indie songs can find a way to mix somewhat cheery music with somewhat intense lyrics. 

20). Death with Dignity– Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan wrote this song in the repose of his mother, who died of cancer in 2015. 


21). Imogen– Nick Mulvey 

They say that pain makes the best art, and sometimes it isn’t until you’re in the eye of Hurricane Imogen that you get inspired to write a beautiful song. 

50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

22). Green– Cavetown

This artist may just be the Justin Bieber of indie music. Listen to this song to see what we mean. 


23). Drawn To The Blood– Sufjan Stevens

Never has one three minute song mixed so many religious and mystical references and make this much sense. 

24). feelings are fatal– mxmtoon

The girl who sings this is the Ingrid Bergman (with her feminine voice and talent for telling love stories) of our times that we never knew we needed. 

25). Lemon Boy– Cavetown

“As weeds do, we only came and grew back again.” 


26). we fell in love in October– girl in red

October must be quite a productive month (and source of inspiration) for independent songwriters. 

27). Lookalike– Conan Gray

The reverberation. Period. 

28). Everest– beabadoobee

This song gives us some major “landslide” vibes minus Stevie Nicks


29). Find Her Way To Me– Josh Record

Hoarse voices have a way of making indie songs sound all the more authentic (just like “Let Her Go” by Passenger). 

30). Eugene– Sufjan Stevens

“Eugene” proves that memories don’t have to be big to be significant. 

31). Youth– Daughter 

This song has a very James Bay-like (we’re not complaining) feel until it picks up around the one-minute mark. 


32). Re: Stacks– Bon Iver

Don’t get us wrong, we love his electronic stuff too, but this acoustic gem is the stuff of indie dreams. 

33). Telstar– Chelou 

“And it’s so easy when I have my strength, and all I’ve got to do is breathe a little deeper now.” 

34). Venus– Nick Mulvey

The goddess of love may very well be speaking to us through the intricate guitar plucking in this song. 

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35). Try to Make a Fire Burn Again– Dawn Landes

Dawn may be on to something, fires burn much easier when they’re gently prodded first instead of forcefully ignited. 

36). Wasn’t Expecting That– Jamie Lawson 

Does Ed Sheehan have a long lost musical cousin? Why have we only heard about him now? 


Disclaimer: He doesn’t. 

50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

37). Old Pine– Ben Howard

British indie steals our hearts yet again. 


50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

38). Should Have Known Better– Sufjan Stevens 

Suf has a way of capturing the very real emotions that come through mourning the loss of a loved one. 

39). Cherry Wine (live)– Hozier

“The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.” 


40). Meet Me There– Nick Mulvey

Okay, we’re a little Nick Mulvey obsessed. 

41). Mess Is Mine– Vance Joy

The “riptide” singer has other songs too, and they’re fantastic. 

42). Watch Over– Lucy Rose

Look out for the switch up at 0:25. 


43). Drive Darling– BOY

This song’s got enough pep and chill for your long work commutes. 

50 Dreamy Indie Songs To Add To Your Spotify Playlists

44). The Trellis– Nick Mulvey

Reminiscent of the “good old days” when admirers would come to the balconies of their beloveds and serenade them (only a little hipper). 


45). All Things All At Once– Tired Pony

We only hope we don’t add to this pony’s exhaustion by playing this song. 

46). Berlin– Bear’s Den

“Berlin was all covered in snow, all I could offer was a hand to hold.” 

47). Sunrise– Norah Jones 

And I say whoo-oo-oo-oo couldn’t add this better-known (but just as beautiful) song to this list?


48). What We Called Love– Liza Flume

Love is a mysterious thing. 

49). The Night We Met– Lord Huron

A strong voice against a chorus of angelic ones? Sign us up! 

50). Cururucu– Nick Mulvey

Fond memories of one’s mother can make for some great songs. 


Are you going to listen to these songs ASAP? Tell us in the comments below! 

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