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7 Dreamy Duffle Bags For The Nights You Sleepover

Remember when we were kids and we would go to our friends’ houses with nothing more than a pair of shoes and a plastic bag filled with an outfit for tomorrow? Well, we’re adults now, and we deserve to sleep over in style! Whether you’re staying with a dreamy guy friend or with your best friend of 10 years, you’ll need a nice weekender or duffle bag to hold all of your must-haves. Bring your laptop, make-up, an extra sweater, your favorite pair of shoes, and whatever else you may need to make yourself feel at home in someone else’s home. Weekender bags aren’t necessarily the cheapest bags money can buy, but you’ll find it totally worth the cost after you’ve used it a few times, especially if you’re a routine guest. Here’s a list of 7 dreamy duffle bags to use on the nights you’re sleeping over!

1. Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. is a go-to brand when you’re in need of some type of quality bag. Whether you need a purse, backpack, or travel bag, Herschel Supply has got you covered. Almost every single one of their products is made with a reinforced canvas material that is weather durable and weight-resistant. Whether you’re simply carrying an outfit and a pair of shoes, or a few outfits for a weekend getaway, you’ll find this Herschel Strand Duffel Bag to be exactly what you need. You can bring it to the gym everyday and then bring it to his house every night and be sleeping over in style. With a nice basic black color, it will match any outfit and be one of the perfect dreamy duffle bags for you!

You can order this Herschel Supply Co. Strand Duffel Bag from ShopBop for just $65.00!

2. Glitzy Bella

Glitzy Bella designs clothing and accessories meant to be, well, glitzy and glamorous. It’s no wonder their weekender bag is designed with a bold leopard print and features Swarovski crystals in place of regular buttons. Stylized like an oversized tote bag, the Glitzy Bella leopard weekender bag is both large enough to hold anything you’ll need, and easy to maneuver. It has a vegan leather bottom to protect from the ground or any elements, and it features both a removable, long, crossbody strap, as well as two small handheld straps, so you can carry it however it feels best to you. With so many features and such bold style, this is one of those dreamy duffle bags you’ll love bringing for sleepovers.

You can order this leopard weekender bag from Glitzy Bella’s website for $90.00.

3. Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is one of those brands that specialize in essentially being cute and pastel, but edgy and dark all at the same time. They designed a weekender bag with pink on the brain, as their Pink Faux Fur Weekender Bag features a fuzzy and fluffy faux fur exterior, outlined with pink-toned rainbow iridescent buckles and straps. This is perhaps the most flamboyant option on this list of dreamy duffle bags, and it’s perfect for those of you who simply can’t get enough pink! Officially called the Shagadelic Weekender Bag, it’s perfect for long nights at his house, wink wink.

You can order this bright weekender duffle bag from Dolls Kill for just $55.00!

4. J World New York

Planning on bringing your whole life with you when you stay the night? Some of us need everything… our toothpaste, face wash, make-up for tomorrow, and maybe even our laptops to bang out some assignments while he’s playing Xbox… J World has created the perfect bag just for this person! The Donna Rolling Tote is J World New York’s version of the weekender/duffle bag, and it has some incredibly awesome features. It has a safety compartment for your laptop or other devices in the main compartment, and three pockets on the outside for smaller items. The very front pocket is actually an organizer for your small things, so it’s perfect for those personal products you can’t live without. J World’s Donna tote also features wheels, so if you happen to pack it a bit heavy, you won’t have to lug it around!

You can order the J World Donna Rolling Tote from Wal-Mart’s website for just $54.81!

5. Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley has been one of the most popular accessory brands since it was founded in 1982. With bold and beautiful patterns, many of Vera Bradley’s products are sure to catch your eye. This particular travel duffel bag is one of their most popular, as it is the perfect size and shape for packing all of your necessities without overdoing it. Featuring a pattern called “Happy Bloom,” there are flowers of all colors added, and thus, this duffel bag should be able to match nearly any outfit! Vera Bradley products are also known for lasting a long time, so if you’re worried about the price tag, keep that in mind!

You can order this Happy Blooms Travel Duffel Bag from Vera Bradley for $100.00!

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6. Roxy

Roxy is a fabulous brand that sells any and all things female. From clothing to swimwear to activewear, surf to snow to shoes, Roxy has all the must-haves. Roxy is also an affordable place to shop, and you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting high-quality products. This “Pumpkin Spice” medium-sized travel duffle bag is perfect for those nights spent at his house because it isn’t oversized, yet it offers enough space to carry what you need. Plus, the polyester material the duffle is made from is actually made from recycled fabric, so you can not only feel great knowing you got a good product at a great deal, but you’re helping the planet, too; one bag at a time. 

You can order this Pumpkin Spice Medium Travel Duffle Bag from Roxy’s website for just $50.00!

7. Aloha Collection

The Aloha Collection finishes our list of dreamy duffle bags, and it may be one of the best bags to choose from. Not all of the bags above are waterproof, but this bag is. The Aloha Collection was founded with the love of travel, sunshine, and the ocean in mind. This particular duffle is part of the Kalapana Samudra collection, which is meant to represent the Big Island of Hawaii. With a beautiful palm tree design and the special technology used to make it waterproof, it’s clear that the bag was indeed designed and inspired by Hawaii’s beautiful beaches.

You can order this dreamy duffle bag from the Aloha Collection for $68.00!

Which one of these dreamy duffle bags will you be packing for the nights you decide to sleep over? Let us know in the comments below!

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