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8 Dream Wedding Locations You Need To See To Believe

8 Dream Wedding Locations You Need To See To Believe

Imaginingyour dream wedding locations? Make you and your SO's special day even more magical with these eight amazing wedding venues. 

Dream wedding locations are singular to making your special day unforgettable. There are so many locations that could be perfect for you! Here is a breakdown of some of the most unique wedding venues.

1. Aquarium

Aquariums are usually filled with families and their hyperactive children. Renting out the space for your wedding allows you to really appreciate its magical atmosphere. This is a much more affordable alternative to destination weddings that doesn’t sacrifice stunning views and photo opportunities. This wedding venue will ensure a beautiful ceremony that’ll make you and your spouse feel like you’re are underwater.

2. Hammond Castle, MA

When you think of “castle wedding” you probably think of Europe, but if you live in the US, castle weddings are much more accessible than you’d think! The Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA is an excellent location for your picturesque, fairy tale wedding. It has a courtyard pool, gardens, and beautiful ocean views. If you’re fascinated by medieval history, this is the perfect venue for you.

3. Croatian Beach

For those interested in a destination wedding, consider Croatia, a Balkan country with a gorgeous coastline. The beaches are renowned for their white sand and crystal clear water,  and the nearby red-roofed medieval towns are enchanting. Beach weddings in Hawaii or Latin America are cliché. Make your wedding stand out with this unique location.

4. Lake Como

What’ s the most unique wedding location? One that isn’t on land! Lake Como, Italy, for instance. Rent a motorboat or catamaran for the perfect destination wedding. This allows you to really explore your surroundings and take in the views. For those wishing to stay closer to home, a simple canoe or rowboat can be dressed up with garlands and lanterns for an evening ceremony with a Midsummer Night’s Dream aesthetic. 

5. Mountain

If you and your significant other love to hike, a mountain wedding is perfect for you. The rugged, breathtaking landscapes contrasts perfectly with the more delicate wedding aesthetic. Celebrate your commitment to your significant other at a location that has pristine fresh air, solitude, and beautiful scenery everywhere you look. The ideal states for these weddings are Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, and Colorado.

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6. Paris, France

Paris, known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, is a classic dream wedding location. This location seems like a wedding and a honey moon rolled into one. You can have a dazzling ceremony after you get photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, then explore everything the city of lights has to offer. Celebrate your first day as a married couple by visiting the Louvre, the Notre Dame, the Arc de Triumph, and of course, eating some of the most delicious bread in the world at a Parisian boulangerie.

7. Wisteria Tunnel

This is a particularly romantic location that needs no amelioration. There’s no need to decorate when your venue is already stunning to begin with. Imagine yourself or your fiancé walking down the isle under a ceiling of lovely wisteria, with the sunlight streaming in. This magical location is one of the most noteworthy venues for outdoor weddings. The wisteria tunnel pictured is in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan.

8. Treehouse

Enjoy a more rustic wedding with a treehouse venue. Decoration will be a cinch – just string along fairy lights, paper lanterns, and maybe some flowers. This is a distinctive, yet unpretentious location that will ensure a memorable ceremony. Many of these venues rent out rooms like hotels, which means that after the ceremony, you can cuddle up with your spouse in a cozy, nostalgic treehouse just for the two of you.

What’s your dream wedding location? Let us know in the comments!
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