Dream Vacation Rental: The House From Under The Tuscan Sun

Rolling hills, olive orchards, the musical sound of Italian being spoken… is there anything more romantic than the Tuscan countryside? If you’re anything like me, you first fell in love with Tuscany through the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. That movie’s actually the reason I majored in Italian during college. Seriously. So imagine my surprise when I found out that my dream vacation rental was a dream no longer. Now you can actually stay in the house from Under the Tuscan Sun. This is truly a dream vacation rental.


If you haven’t seen the movie, first of all, what are you doing with your life? Second of all, go watch it. I’ll wait. Under the Tuscan Sun is technically a romcom, but it subverts the typical romcom tropes and delivers more of a feel-good, self-discovery vibe. All set in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, of course. The protagonist, recent divorcée Frances Mayes, impulsively buys a Villa in the Tuscan village of Cortona. That Villa’s name? Bramasole. Frances spends the rest of the film navigating the ins and outs of renovating Bramasole, finding romance after divorce, and adjusting to life as an expat. This is truly a dream vacation rental.

Live at Villa Bramasole…Kinda

15 years after the film was first released, you can now rent out Villa Bramasole for your vacation and enjoy a slice of la dolce vita. Well, kind of. It’s not actually Bramasole. The actual Bramasole is where real-life author Frances Mayes lives with her husband Ed. It’s her book of the same title that the movie is (loosely) based on. The Villa used for the film – and the one available for rent – is called Villa Laura, and it has the gorgeous green shutters and extensive gardens that we all recognize from the movie.

Your Dream Vacation Rental Is a Reality

With 10 bedrooms, ten and a half baths, a private swimming pool, and jaw-dropping views of the surrounding hills, Villa Laura is dream vacation rental come true. The exterior is still recognizable as “Bramasole” from the film, but the interior has gone through extensive renovations. Luxury Retreats rental listing advertises Villa Laura as being “airy and spacious” with “touches of quiet luxury” while retaining the traditional style and feel of an authentic Tuscan Villa. This is truly a dream vacation rental.


Consisting of three separate buildings (the Villa, the Farmhouse, and the Limonaia) and sleeping an astounding 20 people, Villa Laura is ideal for large groups. Couple that with the acres of beautifully maintained grounds, and it makes the perfect destination wedding venue. The price is pretty steep but splitting it with a large group makes it more affordable.

See Also

During your stay you can walk the grounds, use the pool and hot tub, play tennis on the private courts, or just lounge around soaking up that Tuscan sun. There’s also the allure of the surrounding countryside, villages, and cities. Cortona is a tourist attraction unto itself and just as picturesque in real life as it is in Under the Tuscan Sun. It also lies on the border between Tuscany and the more mountainous region of Umbria. In Tuscany you can sample world-famous wine in Chianti or immerse yourself in the culture and art of Florence. Umbria offers beautiful views from small, sleepy mountain villages like Gubbio and Spello, steeped in history dating back to Roman and Etruscan times. The capital of Umbria, Perugia, is also an easy day trip by train or car from Cortona. You can dive into the history behind the extensive Etruscan architecture or indulge in the delicious chocolate made in the Perugina Chocoalte Factory. There’s no shortage of things to do in or near Cortona. In fact, you’ll probably wish you had more time to explore. This is truly a dream vacation rental.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even pull a Frances and find yourself the owner of a tiny fixer-upper nearby. Which part of this dream vacation rental seems ideal to you? Let us know below.

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Meghan Crawford

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