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5 Dream Vacation Homes You Wish You Could Stay In

5 Dream Vacation Homes You Wish You Could Stay In

You wish you could stay in these incredible dream vacation homes during your next holiday! We've made a list of some of the best ones!

Tired of your daily routine? Everybody dreams of their dream vacation that will whisk them away to a wonderful place! Or has the travel bug bitten you? Whichever it is, here is a list of five dream vacation homes you wish you could stay in!

1. Cat’s Castle

Ever dream of living in a castle and being part of royalty? You can pretend to play the part at Cat’s Castle in Cardross, Scotland. This castle has 5 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and retails at around $438 a night. If you split the bill, it can get pretty affordable! Cat’s Castle has modern furnishings but the lake view is spectacular! The green lawn surrounding the building will have you spellbound and instantly in love. Cat’s Castle is located close to Glasgow so you can still go see everything that the city has to offer. This is definitely one of the best dream vacation homes!


2. Secluded Intown Treehouse

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this treehouse is straight out of a childhood dream. Fairy lights adorn three connecting bridges and are interwoven all throughout the living space. This treehouse holds the title of most wished for AIrbnb listing world wide! It is secluded in a lush forest yet close to the city of Atlanta, so you won’t miss a thing! Sleep in between the trees by opening one of the windows of the treehouse and rolling out the mattress right in the middle of mother nature. This woodland retreat provides  welcome rest and peace to whoever visits!

3. House by the Ocean/Beach

The stunning views from this Icelandic home are one of a kind. Located in Kjósarhreppur, this home is only around a 35 minute drive away from Reykjavík. This home is right next to the sea and at night the Northern Lights can be seen overhead.Mountains, ice, nature and serenity are all part of the view in this home. The large windows located throughout the home provide amazing natural lighting that will make you feel bright and refreshed. Surrounded by wildlife, this dream vacation home is also close to a national park and the biggest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur.


4. White House Villa-Oia

This Grecian dream come true is located in the Oia village in the island of Santorini. Santori itself is a popular vacation destination for travelers but this dream vacation home elevates that to the next level. The villa is composed of three levels and two terraces for ultimate comfort. Big families will fall in love with the comfort and privacy this space provides. The villa is decorated in shades of bright white and paired with the bright Grecian sun will feel like heaven on Earth. It is place on the highest hilltop and overlooks the nearby village, has amazing views of a volcano and has an awe worthy look at the bright blue ocean and cliffs. This is one of the dream vacation homes we love!

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5. Bangkok’s Ultimate Glass House

This colorful home features a mash of differing styles to create something completely unique. This is a home that does not care for uniformity and instead revels in adding pieces that will add to the culture of them home rather than the look. It is mostly composed of glass windows, providing guests with interesting and stellar views of the lush outside gardens! A pet farm is located on the premises and is filed with peacocks, geese, dogs, and chickens! These animals can provide the perfect photo opp for all your selfie needs! This loft is situated right in the middle of a tropical environment so you will get to feel like you are one with nature!

What are your dream vacation homes? Let us know in the comments!
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