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6 Dream Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

6 Dream Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

Trying to come up with dream date ideas? Here are some ideas to make your next date unforgettable!

Thinking of how to make the most of the weekend with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Skip the cliché dinner and a movie. That type of date is a bit boring and doesn’t let you interact with each other much, since talking is limited during the movie. Check out these date ideas to try something new and make your next date one to remember!

1. Take a day trip and/or go on a picnic

This is the perfect date for anyone adventurous (or anyone who loves food).

Good locations might be a beach or coast, a lake, or a park. I’d recommend packing some lemonade, sandwiches, fruit, soft cheese, and of course some chocolate. Combining fancy food with junk food is vastly underrated. After the picnic you can explore the area and take a romantic walk with your significant other!

6 Dream Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

2. If you live in a city, play tourist!

It’s easy to forget how much your own city has to offer and get stuck in a rut. Go to a new museum, a landmark restaurant, and some of the iconic buildings or statues!

For instance, for residents of Portland, OR, I’d recommend visiting the Rose Garden, getting ice cream at Ruby Jewel Scoops or Voodoo Donuts, and taking a rent-a-bike across the Tilikum Crossing Bridge.

3. Go to a carnival

Carnival dates are in tons of romantic movies, most notably The Notebook. Go on the chair swing ride, the merry-go-round, share some cotton candy, try to win an oversized plushie for your SO, and end the evening with a romantic, private ride on the ferris wheel. Make sure to go in the evening to really admire the lights.

6 Dream Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

4. Go to a food truck festival

Skip breakfast and have brunch at a food truck festival! Take time to wander through all trucks and order treats from multiple, rather than having a big meal at just one. (Be sure to have dessert, too.) If you’re ever in Brooklyn, NY, you can’t miss the buzzing outdoor market smorgasburg, open weekends from April to November.

5. Get creative at a paint class

If you’ve never painted before, don’t freak out! Paint nights are guided. Most craft stores and community art host them monthly for only about $15 a person. Except a welcoming atmosphere, un-intimidating instructor, and plenty of snacks.

Painting is surprisingly relaxing, as well as a great way to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Plus you get to proudly display your piece once you’ve finished!

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6. Try a couples dance class

Even if neither of you know how to dance, partner dance classes can be a fun and romantic. Plus, most studios let you take your first class free (or at least at a reduced rate). Salsa and swing a good dances for beginners, or if you want to get more *spicy* try kizomba.

It’s common for dance classes to rotate partners, but if you’re not comfortable dancing with strangers, don’t feel bad about telling people you just want to dance with your SO.

6 Dream Date Ideas You And Your SO Will Love

7. Pretend you’re kids again

Relive your childhood and act like a kid again! Get nostalgic and sentimental! This is a unique date that’s also cheap and fun.

Find the tallest tree you can and climb it together, go to your local arcade and have an intense laser-tag battle, play hide-n-seek in a public building, and snuggle together in the grandest pillow fort you can make.  And at the end of the day, climb up on your roof to watch the sunset or look at the stars.

What’s are your dream date ideas? Let us know in the comments!
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