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Drag Queens To Follow For Major Makeup Inspiration

Drag Queens are incredible makeup artists. To produce those astounding drag looks, it takes immense talent and passion from the artist. These queens are some of the most talented makeup artists in the industry and are inspirations in their own rights. 

Bob The Drag Queen @bobthedragqueen

Bob the Drag Queen; Caldwell Tidicue is a Drag Queen, stand-up comedian, black activist, television personality, and makeup guru. Bob won RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 and has since expanded their persona into a thriving, inspiring career. Bob’s drag looks are best known for their hints of seduction and bold makeup looks. 


Bob draws inspiration from black queens, historical figures, and today’s icons. Bob’s makeup skills are shown through bold, bright eye makeup, fierce features, and incredible lip art. Bob has mentored many other drag queens, helping to influence and inspire them to be themselves, and looks toward some of her Drag Mothers for inspiration as well. 

BOA @boathedragqueen

BOA the Drag Queen is a contestant on Canada’s Drag Race. BOA (B*tch on Arrival) Her makeup skills are to die for. She can create genius works of art, continually performing as diverse, beautiful characters. BOA started to drag at just 19 at her home in Windsor, Ontario. 


BOA likes to think outside of the box with her makeup looks and dances to the beat of her own drum. She creates fun, festive, intelligent looks with bold features and intricate details. 


Himera Drag Queen @hieemeras

Himera is a talented drag queen, burlesque dancer, host, and artist though most of her followers found her through her social media platforms. Himera is an incredible makeup artist who utilizes natural elements to create beautiful, everyday looks. When she is performing, she will use brighter colors and avant-garde elements to enhance the natural elements of her makeup.

Himera creates stunning looks with her makeup that help to channel her versions of historical figures and icons. Himera is an incredible makeup artist, able to create any look on-demand and channel the persona of every character. 


Alaska Thunderf*ck @theonlyalaska5000

Alaska is a drag performer and recording artist and was the runner-up of Season 5 of Drag Race. Alaska, born Jason Honard is an amazing performer and artist. Alaska is best known for her spunky personality and gorgeous, immaculate makeup and drag looks. 


Alaska is inspired by bold fashion looks, iconic pop culture, and bold statements. Alaska loves to create makeup looks that can capture the true essence of the character being portrayed within drag. Alaska creates bold, fierce looks that encompass every aspect of their firey personality. Alaska creates makeup looks to fit with all of her music, creating looks that highlight aspects of her music and help to portray a fully branded character. 

Gigi Goode @thegigigoode

Gigi Goode participated in RuPaul’s Drag Race in Season 12. Gigi is the drag name of artist Samuel Geggie. The artist was runner up in season 12 of drag race and is best known for her passion, astounding makeup skills, and model-worthy body. Gigi began her drag journey at the young age of 14, experimenting with makeup looks and outfits. As a gender-fluid artist, Gigi likes to dabble in both feminine and masculine makeup looks- creating award-worthy makeup looks to fit every variety of themselves. 


Much of Gigi’s inspiration for her looks come from performers like Iggy Azalea, Ben De La Creme, and Violet Chachki. Gigi plays with bright neons and sultry hues when it comes to her eye makeup, this helps to brighten her eyes and make them the center of attention. She is an incredibly inventive makeup artist, creating looks that are big, beautiful, and bold while catering to both her feminine and masculine side. 


Nicky Doll @thenickydoll

Nicky Doll was also a RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 participant. Nicky Doll is the drag name for the artist, Karl Sanchez. Nicky is a french drag queen who is now based out of New York City. Nicky is known for her flair and incredible makeup skills. 

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Nicky’s makeup ranges in looks from sultry, edgy, and seductive to sweet and chic. Nicky loves to be inspired by her French heritage and implements french makeup techniques into her makeup looks. Nicky is an artist all her own and one who can inspire through her makeup. 

Crystal Methyd @crystalmethyd

Crystal Methyd is a well-known drag queen, attracting fans through her humor, makeup looks, and drag persona that has a life all its own (and yes, she was also on Season 12 of Drag Race). 


Crystal creates fabulous drag looks using drastic hair, bright color elements, and makeup that is bright, bold, and sexy. Crystal is a master of disguise and can bring out any persona that she wishes to present as. Crystal is known for her bright personality, versatility, and incredible makeup looks, making her a huge inspiration for other artists and the masses alike. 


Violet Chachki @violetchachki

Violet Chachki is another Drag Race veteran from Season 8 (and one of Gigi Goode’s major inspirations), she has created a uniquely beautiful persona for herself, encompassing love for true icons, for true performances, and a passion for makeup and beauty. Violet Chachki, born Jason Dardo has been greatly influenced by the art of Burlesque and different eras. 

Violet loves a full glam look and is inspired by events and times that had excess glam. She is extra drawn to the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Her makeup style is best known for its killer eyeliner and bold red lips. Her makeup journey began by playing with her mother and sisters’ makeup and transformed this journey into a lucrative career, bold makeup, and all. Violet works to inspire other drag queens and makeup artists who like to work with bold, beautiful looks and inspire them to present their best selves to the world. 


These artists are daring, glamorous, and incredibly talented. They are an inspiration to makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. They have honed their crafts and continue to entertain and surprise us with their humor, bright personalities, and beautiful, extravagant makeup!

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