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Downsides Of Being An Out-Of-State Student

Downsides Of Being An Out-Of-State Student

We are in full college mode now that colleges are finally sending out all of their acceptance letters. You applied all over the country to your dream schools and now you have to make a tough decision on which school you will be moving to in the fall. Although setting out on your own in a brand new state is exhilarating and exciting, there are some things you should think about when making this huge decision.


1. It costs more.

One thing that should come to mind and should be considered and discussed is money. For most colleges, if you are an out-of-state student you will be paying more…a lot more. You have to decide if paying more is worth it to attend your dream school. And it doesn’t just include tuition, but also the extra cost of moving there and traveling back and forth for vacations – aspects that are not included in financial aid. Of course, it’s all about how you feel about it. Is the out-of-state student experience worth the cost?

2.) Maintaining relationships gets tough.

Long distance relationships are never fun. And this isn’t just a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is with friends, parents, and siblings as well. Being away from everybody you have spent your whole life with is a whole other transition, and sometimes FaceTime just doesn’t do the trick.


3.) You start to mix identities.

Like other students that live closer to their college, an out-of-state student can’t take a quick trip home for a quick hug from mom, or to do a load of laundry and get a free home-cooked meal. And then when you do head home for breaks, you will start wondering what your roomie is doing and texting them to check in. You start creating relationships all over the place and leaving a little bit of yourself everywhere.

4.) There’s always some culture shock.

Culture shock is going to happen in any state. Even though you might be moving only a few states away, every state has a different way of doing things. You will be picking up on the new slang, style, and little daily lifestyle changes. And then once you go home, you become the weirdo saying all your new phrases and wearing your new found looks. You get to lead two lives – which can be fun – but just another aspect to consider when picking your college.

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5.) You’re the new kid in town.

Being the new kid from a different school in junior high or high school is fun, but it’s not the same when it comes to college. You must learn to be comfortable with doing things alone, such as studying, eating, and walking to class. It won’t be for long, but it can get lonely at times. Other people are in the same position, so you must be comfortable with stepping out of that comfort zone of yours to meet new people! Other students that stay in-state usually end up having a couple people from high school at the same college, meaning they will probably have a little posse already. You could be the newest addition to a great group of people!

Don’t let these factors discourage you from picking that dream college of yours that’s a couple states away from home! Going out-of-state is still exciting and a new experience that will make you grow and truly be able to find yourself. You just want to take some things into consideration before packing up and moving across the country for college! Good luck with your college career, and remember to make this decision for YOU!

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