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Dos And Don’ts of Halloween At Northeastern

Dos And Don’ts of Halloween At Northeastern

These dos and don’ts will ensure that your Halloweekend is lit AF. So buckle up and get ready for Halloween at Northeastern!

Halloween in college isn’t just one day, it’s a full Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and whatever day Halloween actually happens to fall on. This means planning ahead and getting crafty when it comes to costumes, because you’re going to need a handful of them! These do’s and don’ts will ensure that your Halloweekend is lit af. Get ready for Halloween at Northeastern!

DON’T eat five pounds of candy before going out at night.

You’ll be bloated, sugared up, and if you end up throwing up all over Parker Street by the end of the night, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Limit yourself to a few Reese’s Cups and you’ll be thankful when you’re taking your third shot of tequila in five minutes.

DO bring a bag full of candy to the party with you.

This is a surefire way to spread the Halloween cheer and make friends with literally everybody on Mission Hill. Plus, if you get the drunchies, you’re all set. Stop by CVS on Mass Ave and load up!


DON’T wear a costume that involves face paint.

Unless you’re okay with looking batshit crazy by the end of night and/or awkwardly transferring your face paint to a potential hookup, steer away from anything colorful on your face. Hot frat basements are bound to make you sweat off all of your hard work anyway.

DO wear a cute group costume with your friends.

This will lead to ton of cute and memorable pictures and be a great way to start conversations with people. Whether it’s funny, sexy, or funny and sexy, dressing up will be ten times more fun when you’re in it with your buds.

Pro tip: Order your costumes off of Amazon! Dorothy’s Boutique on Mass Ave usually has a line out the door around Halloween.


Do you have a group costume planned for Halloween at Northeastern?

DON’T act crazy in front of the NUPD.

Halloween weekend is when the most parties are busted by Northeastern’s police force, so keep that in mind and don’t fall flat on your face holding a handle of Jose Cuervo as you’re walking out of a busted party. Keep your balance, walk respectfully out the door, and move on to your next address!

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DO act crazy on the dance floor.

What’s the fun in getting ridiculously dressed up and drinking copious amounts of alcohol if ya can’t bust a move with your gal pals to some Drake? Don’t be shy.


DON’T forget to drink a ton of water!

3+ nights of going all-out is going to leave you hungover, tired, and miserable if you don’t chug at least two water bottles after the long walk home from the hill every night. Seriously, between all the jungle juice and sugary candy you’ll be consuming, your body will be thanking you. You’ve got to be able to rally if you have any hope of making it through Halloweekend like a champ!

DO make the trip up to Salem!

Salem, Massachusetts is only a short drive away from Northeastern. Salem is an awesome way to get spooky with your friends during Halloween at Northeastern. With a handful of haunted houses, creepy shops, and plenty of actual witch history, this is the perfect place to pop up for a day and get in the Halloween mood.

What are your do’s and don’ts for Halloween at Northeastern? Comment below and share the article!
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