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We Asked A Manicurist: Top Do’s and Don’ts At The Nail Salon

We Asked A Manicurist: Top Do’s and Don’ts At The Nail Salon

We Asked A Manicurist: Top Do’s and Don’ts At The Nail Salon

Like most girls out there, I like to do a “treat yo’self” day at least once a month to give myself a little extra love and attention!  I decided to get a gel manicure at my favorite nail salon near Ohio State’s campus, J Salon.  During our most recent one, we were talking about our customer service jobs and the stories we have collected throughout them.  As she spoke about the little things people do in the nail salon that can make the experience more difficult, I found myself learning a lot.

To share the knowledge, I have constructed a list of do’s and don’ts that will help make your manicurist’s life a lot easier (and persuade you to go get your nails done!).

DON’T: Be On Your Phone

I chose to put this one first because I think its the most important one! Nothing is worse for a manicurist than when she is waiting for you to get off your phone!  I personally think people are way too invested in their mobile technology, so not being able to put down your phone for an hour while your nails are being done is a little extreme and also rude to your nail stylist.  In short, put down the phone and just relax!


DO: Time Accordingly

Different types of styles and methods can take longer than others, so it’s important to know how much time to expect.

“It’s the worst when you know that the person is running late to something and you end up feeling like you’re inconveniencing them for doing their nails,” my manicurist told me.

So, be sure to know the time frame that you are getting yourself into when you book an appointment.  She also left me with some time frame tips:

“Most appointments last for about an hour, gels take longer than just a regular manicure, but the dip powder takes longer than the gels.  Just time accordingly!”

DON’T: Have A Stiff Hand



Everyone that has ever gotten a manicure knows how their hand should be when the stylist is holding them.  Some people might think that the more stiff their hand is, the more still it will be. WRONG!

In fact, having a stiff hand isn’t a good thing for manicurists to hold for many reasons.  First, if you are stiff and tense the whole time, they might be worried that they are hurting you.  Second, if you are concentrating on keeping your hand really still, some people actually get shaky by doing this which could cause a nail polish catastrophe! Third, there is no way you are relaxing if you’re concentrating on your hand.  Do your manicurist a favor and have a relaxed hand.

On the other hand…


DON’T: Have A Dead Hand

We all know how awful it is when someone gives you a dead fish of a hand when you go to shake it, so why would it be any different giving a dead fish to your nail stylist?

“Having a super relaxed hand is almost worse than having a stiff hand,” my manicurist explained.

When you let your hand go extremely limp, your stylist has no support to keep your hand propped up, making it more difficult to do a good job.  Bottom line, find that balance between a dead hand and a tense one!

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DO: Remember To Book For Polish/Gel Removal

If you can resist from picking off your nail polish until your next manicure, you of course expect them to remove it for you.

However, removal takes extra time and costs extra money!  If you don’t specifically book a removal along with a manicure, you could potentially put your stylist’s schedule back because of the extra needed time.  You will also be surprised with an extra expense that you’ll have to pay for the procedure.  If you don’t want to pay for the removal, do it yourself at home!  If you don’t mind paying the extra few bucks, make sure you book and fit it into your schedule.

DON’T: Do Anything Drastic To Your Nails

“I don’t like it when people come in with their nails already cut.  They sometimes do them way too short which doesn’t give me a lot to work with.  Also, it is a part of the manicure package to get their nailed trimmed, so why would you do it before you come in?” my stylist expressed.

When it come to nail care, I would just leave it to the professionals at the nail salon.  If your nails are getting record-breaking long, then by all means, cut them yourself!  But if you know you are getting a manicure soon, I would advise to just let them be and let the stylist work their magic on them. Remember, styling nails is their job, which means they are trained to make your nails look phenomenal!


DO: Take Care Of Your Nails At Home

If you’re a broke college student, I doubt you’ll be getting a manicure every time your nails get a little gross.  To combat this, my manicurist advised how we should be taking care of our nails at home as well!

Some tips for self-nail care include trimming to an appropriate length, washing dirt from underneath your fingernails and good cuticle care.  If you don’t know exactly where to start when it comes to cuticle care, don’t worry!  According to my manicurist, cuticle oil and vitamin E oil are super helpful for cuticles.  With these at home tricks, any day can be a nail salon day for your nails!

With these tips in mind, I have no doubt that you and your manicurist will have a positive nail appointment, so start treating yourself and book one today!


Were you able to follow these dos and don’ts while at the nail salon? Let us know in the comments!

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