17 Swoon Worthy Dorm Wall Decor Accessories You Need

When you start picking out cute college dorm decorations for your new home away from home, there are so many decor styles to choose from. Whether it’s mid-century modern, traditional, Indie, coastal, vintage, tropical or girly chic for dorm wall decor, I have it covered.

Sleep Study Repeat

If you are one of those people who isn’t really into anything but neutral colors or metallics in your room, a simple wall art statement is just for you. Pick a large black and white graphic print to center over your bed, desk or small sofa to keep the conversation flowing.

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Sun Babe

To me, kitschy signage is always a good idea. This is a home decor piece that you can really add to any wall to add some creative vibes to your dorm wall decor.

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Pink & Palms

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Garland Girl

Strung garland is ideal for dorm wall decor because it is lightweight to pack and is easy to hang on your bedroom wall without any damage.

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Massive Macrame

They say, “go big or go home” right? Well this enlarged macrame is proof in the pudding.

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Wall Tapestry

This is a wall tapestry for bedroom spaces that adds some intricate details and designs to the room.

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Hanging Florals

Take a shot at these DIY wall flowers for a headboard-like centerpiece. The style is organic and dainty with its delicate dangling flower strands.

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Records On Repeat

Take a step back to yesteryear with this gallery wall of records. Frame some of your favorite classic for an authentic vintage vibe.

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Metallic Mirror

This wooden plank wall goes perfectly with a metallic mirror and some traditionally Indie dream catchers.

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String Lights

Try string light dorm wall decor to add some warmth to a boring and basic dorm room to give it life!

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Open Shelving

If you are a fan of HGTV’s, Fixer Upper, and the show’s design guru, Joanna Gaines, then you must be a strong believer in open shelving! Both practical and pretty, you can’t go wrong with some additions of natural wood tones.

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Howl At The Moon

For major witchy and Salem-esq feels, opt for a black and white wall tapestry with wolves and moon pictorials.

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Ocean Optics

This wall tapestry brings you to the beach with its vivid ocean imagery, acting as a form of wallpaper to cover up dorm room walls.

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Pretty Pom Poms

This crafty dorm wall decor is ideal for the DIY-er. Choose bold bright pom poms or subtle neutral to complete your theme.

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Gridlock Grates

Many dorm decor websites offer different shades of metal wall grates to act as an ideal desk backdrop in your studying space.

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Geometric Cubbies

These are cute college dorm decorations that are both aesthetically pleasing and act as great storage and display features.

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Polaroid Pictorial

The resurgence of popularity for Polaroid images keeps on keeping on…try this hanging wall frame with horizontal wires for a kitschy way to showcase your memories from home.

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Which of these dorm wall decor accessories are you going to add to your space? Let us know in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Leah Mccormack

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