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Dorm Room Workouts That Actually Work

Dorm Room Workouts That Actually Work

Doing dorm room workouts is, on it’s face, nearly impossible. You don’t get a lot of space and, if you have a full schedule, you don’t have a lot of time to try and workout. But to fight the freshman 15 you’ve got to do what you can to get in your daily, or weekly, workout. We’ve all been there, but figuring out exactly what to do with your limited space is hard, and nobody wants to drag themselves to the Rec. Because of that, I’m going to give you some of the dorm room workouts I’ve done in my dorm room and apartment that have actually made me sore the next day.

1. Ab Targeted Moves


These dorm room workouts are a bit entry level, but I feel like planks just don’t get enough love! When I do planks, it’s typically after some heavy cardio but, even on their own, planks are better than nothing.

For front planks get into a push up position and get down to your elbows. Make sure your back is as flat as possible and hold it. Start with 30 second planks and build up to 1 minute.

You can even take this bad boys to the side resting all your weight on one elbow with your stomach, hips, and shoulders facing the wall in front of you.


Mountain Climbers

This move starts in the plank position. From there you bring a knee your chest and then back and repeat with the other. Keep alternating until you drop!

With these you can either go for time or for reps, 30 seconds or 40 reps(20 each leg) 

6-inch leg holds

All of the ex-athletes have horrible flashbacks when it comes to this move right here. For this one, you’re going to lie on your back and, with an optional hand underneath your bum as leverage, lift your legs around half a foot to a foot off of the ground. 

After holding this position for around 30 seconds you might immediately feel your abs popping up.



This last ab targeted move is one of my favorites. To do a suitcase you’re going to sit on the ground and lift your feet off of the ground. Then you well extend your legs as far as you can while leaning back and then pull everything back in. 

Woman Doing A Front Plank

2. Arm Targeted Moves

Tricep Dips

This dorm room workout can be done on a desk, on your chair, or on your bed. To get into position, put your back towards your bed and reach both arms back to hold yourself up. Next scoot your feet as far out as you can handle and slowly dip yourself down to the floor and back up.

This dorm room workout move will have your shoulders and triceps burning and toned in no time!


Curl to Press

Grab your gallons, girlies! For this one you can either use small dumbbells or just any slightly heavy cylindrical object. You’ll just rest your arms by your side, curl up, and thin push your fist into the air.

10 reps on each arm and you should be good to lift a bag full of books of the floor with little struggle in no time.

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Woman doing tricep dips


3. Legs And Booty Targeted Moves

Squats/Squat Jumps

Probably don’t do squat jumps if you know your downstairs neighbors can hear, but if you don’t care, go for it! Either way grab that water gallon again and do some squats in your dorm room instead of your homework.


This is another good, basic dorm room workout that you can do while carrying your water gallon. Also, get a water gallon and hydrate!

Wall Sits

Another ex-athlete nightmare! Find a good wall and sit down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and just hold it until you think you can’t anymore. Your legs might be shaking after, but it’ll all be worth it.

Woman Doing Wall Sits


4. Other Things You Can Do

Pilates YouTube Videos

My personal favorite pilates videos to do have been from @blogilates on YouTube. Cassey Ho has a bunch of 10-30 minute workouts that are incredibly easy to do in smaller spaces!

Just Take a Run

Yes, this is about dorm room workouts but honestly just running around campus can take about 10 minutes and feels amazing! Bonus points if you find some stairs to run up, makes your workouts that much better.

Do you think you’ll be trying out these workouts in your dorm room anytime soon? Let us know down in the comments!

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