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Dorm Room Workouts for Amazing Abs

Dorm Room Workouts for Amazing Abs

Getting the gym isn’t always easy for college students. No matter how badly you want a six pack, busy schedules and intimidating machines are just too big of road blocks to get where you want to go. Whatever the case for you, it is possible to get amazing abs in the privacy of your own room. You can work out at whatever time is most convenient for you and you won’t have to deal with all the other people at the gym. Here are a few ab workouts that you can do in your dorm that will get you fit and toned.

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What you’ll need:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Bottled Water
  • 5 lb. Weights

Begin all of these exercises by lying down flat on your back.


Saturn Rings

Start by lifting your left leg up off the ground. Bring your leg up toward you while keeping your knee slightly bent. With the weight in your right hand, curl up and reach past your raised leg. When you’ve reached past your leg, place the weight into your left hand. Once you’ve passed the weight between your hands, lower your back onto the floor and place the weight into your right hand. During this process your right leg should be kept straight and raised off the ground a few inches. For the other side, you will start with your right leg bent, left leg raised, and the weight in your left hand. Repeat 12 times per leg.

How to get Amazing Abs: Saturn Rings



Weighted Roll Up

With the weight in your right hand, stretch your right arm above your head so that it extends from your shoulder. Your arms should be forming a backwards “L” shape. Keeping your arms in this shape, curl up using your abs and core so that you are in a sitting position. When your back is flat on the ground and when you are curling up, your legs should remain straight and flat on the ground. Repeat 12 times for each side.

How to get Amazing Abs: Weighted Roll Up

Double Leg Lift

Place your hands beneath your butt checks and lower back. With your hands flat on the ground, create the shape of a triangle with your fingers. Use your hands and arms to raise your lower back off the ground. Your hands and arms will serve as a base for this exercise. Once you’re secure, lift both your legs so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Slowly lower your legs, making sure they don’t touch the ground, and raise them to the starting position at the same speed. You should feel your abs really working as you lift and lower your legs.


How to get Amazing Abs: Double Leg Lifts

Criss Cross

Place both hands behind the base of your head with your elbows out to the sides. This will provide support to your head and neck. Raise both your legs above the ground. Bend your left leg and pull it up so it hovers above the middle of your stomach. At the same time, curl up and extend yourself so that the left knee and right elbow meet. Make sure not to lift with your neck because this will cause straining. During this process your opposite leg (right) should be extended out straight, but kept off of the ground. Do this move, alternating sides each time, 20 times.

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How to get Amazing Abs: Criss Cross

Hollow Rock

Start with your legs raised off the ground and cross them by placing one ankle over the other. Lift your arm straight above your head, so that they are resting on the ground, and intertwine your fingers. Lift your legs and arms so that they are perpendicular to the floor. To begin the momentum of this exercise, bring your legs back toward your torso and then push them out toward the ground—but be sure to keep your legs form actually touching the ground! When you push your legs out, your torso should move forward and away from the floor. Use a rocking motion to continue to do this for a set of 10.

How to get Amazing Abs: Hollow Rock



All of this content was inspired by Cassey Ho’s youtube channel, blogilates. For further instruction on how to do these moves and get amazing abs, check out Cassey’s instructional video.