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Dorm Room Tech Every Student Needs

Dorm Room Tech Every Student Needs

Dorm rooms tend to be rather small. Between your stuff and your roommate’s, there isn’t going to be much free space in it. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your dorm the cozy and fun space you’ve been picturing since high school. Most of these affordable and smart dorm room tech gadgets are under $100 and will make your small room feel easy to live it.

1. Noise Cancelling headphones


Noise-cancelling headphones can be ridiculously expensive. This affordable pairs will do the trick and tune out that annoying friend your roommate keeps inviting over.

2. Bed-side shelf

Have a place to put your phone down after browsing Instagram and Facebook until 2am.


3. Laptop combination lock security cable

Unfortunately, this is a must-have. Security in most on-campus housing facilities is not a priority and pretty much anyone can roam in and out of the halls. Make sure to protect your laptop because all college students are empty without their laptops.

4. Clothes folding board


Not really a space-saver, but definitely a time-saver. If you are openly lazy and doing laundry somehow always ends up taking more time than it should, here’s a simple but efficient tool.

5. Smartphone-friendly gloves

Avoid the great winter dilemma of either neglecting your phone or letting your fingers freeze.

6. Toaster oven/griddle/coffee maker combo


Your mom has said it to you a thousand times, and she was right. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. If you know you won’t make it to the dining hall in time or you prefer making your own meals, this is perfect for you.

7. Charging station

Not only does this charging station look awesome, but it’ll also keep your devices charged and your desk organized.


8. Waterproof speaker

Sharing a bathroom with the rest of your hall might be one of the worst parts of dorm life. But it won’t be as bad if you get to DJ during your shower for the whole room.

9. Portable charger

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This is probably one of the greatest inventions ever. Most people these days are unhealthily attached to their phones. Avoid feeling disconnected from the world when your phone dies.

10. Google Chromecast

Watching Netflix, Hulu and YouTube videos on your small laptop or cell phone screen can get old, especially when you just want to lay down without your hand falling asleep from holding your phone. With Google Chromecast, you can watch and listen to anything on your phone, but on your TV. Basically, your cell phone is just a remote.

12. Small space heater


If there is one thing about dorm rooms that is mostly always true, it’s that you will either be living in a frozen tundra or the Saharan desert. For those days of tundra-like temps, a space heater will definitely come in handy.

13. Smartphone printer

Let’s face it, you’re going to be taking SO many pictures when you’re in college. And you’re going to wish you could just hang them all up on your dorm wall. Now you can! A little on the pricey side, but it may be worth it for you photo lovers!


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