8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won't Kill

Living in residence can make it hard to personalize your own space. Try bringing in these dorm room plants to liven up the place. With these easy to care for plants, you’ll add a bit of greenery to your dorm all year.

1. Peace Lily

This beautiful and easy to maintain plant is a great way to add some color to your space. With dark green leaves and white flowers, this dorm room plant will definitely impress your friends. Peace lilies are also great for your health. These plants have been proven to cleanse the air of toxins, an added benefit when in dorms. Peace lilies thrive under fluorescent light or in partial shade and only need to be watered once a week, making them a super easy to care for plant.

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

2. Hoya

These dorm room plants are known for its waxy green leaves and vines and will look good on a windowsill or hanging in your room. Hoya’s are a great plant to get started with because they are very hard to kill. If you’ve never cared for a plant a day in your life, these are the ones for you. There are lot’s of different types of hoya plants to choose from but they all follow a pretty similar care pattern. Keep these plants in a sunny place, usually a window, and be careful not to overwater them. If you follow those two easy tips, not even you will kill this hearty plant.

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

3. Spider Plant

Despite the name these dorm room plants will not attract spiders into your space. The spider name comes from the appearance of the plant and it’s long, skinny leaves. Again care for this plant is very easy, making it very dorm friendly. All they really need is some indirect sunlight and to not be over watered. Keeping them in a pot with good irrigation will prevent root rot and letting the soil dry out between waterings is the best way to avoid overwatering.

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

4. Cacti

Are there any dorm room plants easier to care for than cacti? With indirect sunlight and weekly water, these plants will live for a very long time. So why not branch out and get more inventive types of cacti. Acanthocalycium thionanthum has large flowers in a variety of colors, Bishop’s Cap has a shorter, more geometric cactus with a large yellow flower on top and Aylostera Narvaecensis has beautiful pink flowers. Instead of sticking to the classic cacti you’ve seen a hundred times before, do some research and find one that you really love.

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

5. Succulents

Succulents are not all that different for cacti. These dorm room plants also do not require much care and come in different shapes and sizes. You can find succulents that are every color and shape you can imagine, so it’s all really down to personal preference. Going to your local plant store and mixing and matching succulents to suit your taste is the best way to chose.

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

6. Aloe

Aloe Vera is technically a part of the succulent family, but its numerous different uses help to set it apart. To take care of your aloe plant be sure to let the top soil dry out completely between watering and that’s about it. Once you have a healthy plant you can use it to help you out with everything from mosquito bites to sunburns. Simply break off a bit of aloe and rub the flesh on your skin to take advantage of the healing properties. This multi-purpose plant is perfect for your dorm room.

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8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

7. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of those classic plants that seem impossible to care for but are actually pretty easy. The dorm room plants above need pretty much opposite conditions to bamboo. This plant thrives in the shade and with often watering, but don’t go overboard. Like the peace lily, bamboo works as an air purifier and it’s one of the more unusual plants to see in a dorm room. Add some more interest to your space with this dorm plant.

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

8. Snake Plant

These dorm room plants come in a couple different varieties, but all of them are beautiful. Like bamboo, snake plants don’t need much light to thrive and many are air purifiers. Snake plants tend to grow to be quite tall so if you’re looking for a dorm plant to add some height, these are the ones for you.

8 Dorm Room Plants That Even You Won’t Kill

Which of these plants would you have in your dorm? Let us know in the comment section.

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/hQO8qaYYCEw
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