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10 Dorm Room Items That You Can Buy From Amazon

Back to school season is almost upon us! If you are heading away to college, it may be time to start shopping for your dorm room. Your dorm room is going to be your home away from home, so it is important that you make it your own and fill it with things you love! Amazon has some amazing options, and not to mention, the items get to you quickly. Perfect for you last-minute shoppers! Here are ten dorm room items that you can purchase off of Amazon.

1. Skylite

These are seriously SO cool. A Skylite is a projector that shines stars and nebulas on your walls and ceiling. It transforms any space, and is perfect for relaxing, watching tv shows and movies, or when you are having people over!

You can choose from a few different color combinations too. It is available on Amazon for $49.99 and you can get it through Amazon Prime!

Buy it here:

2. LED Marquee Letter Signs

These are super cute and can help light up your room. You can choose to buy one letter or a few to spell out a word. These stand up on their own and have a switch on the back so you can easily shut it off.

A lot of roommates like to buy their own initials and keep them on their side of the room, so everyone knows whose side belongs to who.

You can purchase one letter for around ten dollars and they also have prime shipping!

Buy it here:

3. Tapestries

Tapestries are a great way to spruce up your space with some pops of color and cool designs. They are super easy to put up, and they will cover a large area of your wall so you will not need to worry about finding many other wall decor pieces.

You can find so many different tapestries, so you will definitely be able to find one that fits your room and aesthetic. Amazon has a ton, and their price range goes from around six dollars to twenty, depending on the design and size you choose.

Buy it here:

4. Macrame Wall Hanging

If you are going for that super cute boho look, this item is perfect for you! Macrame hangings look great in any space. I have one in my bedroom and I absolutely love it!

This one from Amazon comes in black or white, and it doubles as a dream catcher! It also comes with string lights. Get your own for $14.59.

Buy it here:

5. Throw Pillows

Most dorms are super tiny and your bed will most likely take up the majority of the space! That is why it it super important to have cute bedding. If your bed is nicely decorated, it will make your entire space look nice. Throw pillows are a great way to do this.

Amazon has a lot of throw pillows. You can find different colors, materials, shapes, and designs. Most of them range from ten dollars to thirty dollars.

Buy it here:

6. Diffuser

Most universities do not allow for you to bring candles into your dorm room. A diffuser is a perfect way to get your dorm smelling nice. You will need a few essential oils to go along with your diffuser, and do not worry, Amazon has got you covered for those too.

To use, simply fill your diffuser up with water, and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Super easy! Essential oils are also great for relaxation and anxiety, which is perfect for when you are in college. They are also great for colds, which might come up due to being stressed. Amazon has a lot of different diffusers, with different colors and designs to choose from.

Buy it here:

7. Faux Plants

These are my newest obsession. Not only does it give your room a super cool vibe, but the plants provide that nice pop of green. It will make your room look bright and fresh.

The faux plants are perfect because you do not have to water them or give them sunlight, but you still get the look of a real plant!

See Also

Buy it here:

8. Wall Hanging Mirror

You definitely need a mirror in your dorm room to check out your outfits before class and to do your hair and makeup. Do not forget about mirror selfies too!

Not only is a mirror in your room useful, but the hanging ones are a great wall decor piece. Amazon has so many to choose from! My favorites are the circular gold ones.

Mirrors are also known for making rooms appear bigger. We all know that dorm rooms are pretty small, so having a mirror will give off the illusion of having a bigger space.

Buy it here:

9. Wall Collage

Wall collages are super trendy right now. Some people like to print out their own photos to make their collages, but that takes A LOT of time and effort. Amazon has made it really easy for consumers and has curated collages for all different aesthetics. You could always add your personal photos to the collages if you wanted to as well!

There are so many different collages to choose from on Amazon, so pick one out with your roomie that you both love!

Buy it here:

10. Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are perfect decor pieces. You can put photos and stickers on here to show off your interests. It is also helpful for pinning down notes and reminders. If you tend to forget things easily, this would be great to have. Bulletin boards are available on Amazon for around $15 to $30.

Buy it here:

I hope these items got you excited about decorating your dorm room! Did we miss any of the great dorm decor pieces from Amazon? Let us know in the comments below!

Baylie Panattoni

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