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12 Dorm Room Headboard Ideas To Spruce Up Your Décor

12 Dorm Room Headboard Ideas To Spruce Up Your Décor

A dorm room headboard can spice up your space for heading back to campus. Whichever home decor style you prefer, we have you covered.

There might not be much to work with when it comes to decorating your dorm room headboard, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are plenty of little things you can add that will spice up your room perfectly – even the bed. That’s right, it’s not just your bedding that you can have fun with. You can also decorate your headboard (or just above the bed if there’s not much in the way of a headboard) and it will add so much to your small space.

String Lights

String lights on headboards are all the craze on Pinterest, and therefore, in many people’s bedrooms, including dorm rooms. Just draping a small string across your headboard (or hanging one above your bed with command strips) will add such a trendy vibe to your room. Just be sure to check with your school that string lights are allowed, as some schools have restrictions against them.


Tapestries are another trendy décor piece that is seen in many dorm rooms. They come in many different patterns and make for the perfect art piece above your bed.


DIY Headboard

Since most dorm room beds don’t have an actual headboard, it can be hard to use these headboard décor tips. Not to worry. There is a headboard that can be bought online that is specifically made for dorm room beds. It’s solid white, so it matches everything, although you could put fabric over it to match your bedding better. It wedges between your mattress and bed frame and stays put with or without legs. If you want to make the most of these décor tips and make your room look extra fancy, go on and order the DIY College Bedding Headboard.

Picture Frames

Whether you want to hang pictures of your friends and family or just any old cute picture frame you found at Target, picture frames make for a great décor idea above a headboard. You can also switch them out from time to time so you never get bored.


Wall Stickers

These are another great option for above the bed. You can find pretty much any type of wall sticker you could imagine (anything from quotes to art pieces) and they are so easy to do. Simply stick it to the wall and then when it comes time to move out or you simply get tired of it and want a new one, just peel it right off the wall without damaging the wall.


There are about a million different kinds of garland on Pinterest that can easily be made and hung on your headboard. You can make seasonal garland and spice up your room that way every few months or pretty much any other type of garland. Anything from simple tassels to more elaborate and elegant garland can be found and made or bought, making for the perfect headboard décor.


Another way to spice up your dorm room headboard area is with plants (fake would probably be best.) While you can’t nail shelves into the wall in your dorm room, there is such thing as a bed cubby that works like a headboard, but as little cubbies instead of traditional fabric. You could stick plants in there or even picture frames if you don’t want to be bothered hanging them.


Bed Cubby

To dive in a little more about what’s mentioned above, there is something called a bed cubby available online. They are great for students who want a little extra storage in their room instead of a regular headboard. The cubbies can be used for décor purposes, but also can be used for storage purposes. Either way, it would make a great addition to any dorm room.

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If you are just looking for something simple to go over your bed, a mirror would be a great choice. Simply hang a mirror (or a few small mirrors) from a command strip and you have a simple, yet great piece of décor.



This piece of décor is something that can be switched out seasonally to change up your décor. You can either buy or create your own. They make for the perfect homey décor.


Another popular way to decorate your dorm room headboard area is with letters. You can use your initials or if you are in a sorority you could even find Greek letters for your sorority to use. Either way, it’s a great way to personalize the area above your bed.

Bed Canopy

For those who want to get real fancy with their bed décor, a bed canopy is for you. They can easily be hung from the ceiling with command strips and add a little extra privacy for when you are relaxing or sleeping. They come in many different variations; you just have to choose which one you like best.


Which dorm room headboard are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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