16 Dorm Room Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Dorm room hacks decor with good decor taste. These dorm room hack ideas and tips will make your dorm room space more livable and less cluttered!

Dorm rooms are small and cramped between your roommate’s stuff and your own clutter. There are tons of tips and tricks out there but here is a condensed list of dorm room hacks decor to save space, time and optimize the fun aspect of dorm living your freshman year.

Dorm Room Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

1. Put up easy wall decor.

Avoid putting holes in the wall that you will have to fill at the end of the semester. For a cheap and easy way to totally change the vibe of your room, get a decal!


2. Get that fresh and clean smell.

When your room starts to develop a strong and annoying scent, put a dryer sheet on your AC unit or fan. It lasts longer than spraying air freshener and is more efficient.


dryer sheet

3. Organize your hair station.

Rather than having your hair dryer and straightener take up a bunch of space, making your room look cluttered, hang them up with command hooks! You’ll be able to save a bunch of space and keep your hair care tools organized.

Dorm Room Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier


4. Make your own dry erase board.

Make your own dry erase board! This DIY is super simple. All you need is a picture frame and some cute scrapbook paper.  dry-erase-board-2


5. Make it homey.

Add a homey feel to your room by hanging up curtains. Since most schools won’t allow you to drill anything into the wall, use command hooks as a perfect alternative.

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6. Fold no more.

Are you lazy? Bad at folding clothes? Both? Get this folding board and make your laundry process a little simpler.



7. Organize your drawers.

After you’ve swiftly folded your clothes, stack them like this in your drawers to maximize space.



8. Loft your bed.

Raise your bed and use the space under it as your own personal storage unit. Bins are cheap and you’ll use them throughout college if not after as well.

9. Color code.

Always bringing the wrong notebook to class? Color code your books and you’ll never have this problem again!



10. But first, coffee.

Need to stay up and study for an exam but don’t have a coffee pot? Take some coffee grounds and place them in a coffee filter. Seal the filter with some string or a binder clip – you’re essentially making the coffee equivalent of a tea bag. Let it steep in some hot water for a few minutes and you’re done!



11. Make a snack door.

Hang a shoe rack on the back of your door but also use it for snacks instead of shoes (because snacks are so much better than shoes anyays)! You’ll avoid having wrappers and crumbs all over your desk or your bed.


Copy this:


12. Create microwaved goodness.

Learn how to become the Bobby Flay of the microwave. You can actually make some good meals using a microwave only.

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13. Take advantage of free food.

Use the dining hall as your pantry/kitchen. Remember, you probably overpay for mediocre food at best. Take advantage of your meal plan as much as possible. Use the toaster in the dining hall, grab some fruits for your room etc…

dining hall


14. Make a scarf hanger.

Pick up some shower curtain rings and attach them to a hanger to store your scarves. This is a super simple way to organize your scarves so they won’t wrinkle and it’ll save you drawer space as well.

scarf storage

copy this:


15. And a bra hanger.

Bras take up a ton of room in draws, and even still they can be bent out of shape. Try storing your bras on a hanger to keep them organized!



16. And always stack your hangers.

Stack your hangers to increase space in the tiny closet provided to you. You should have enough room for a decent amount of clothes if you use every piece of furniture as efficiently as possible!


Do you have any other dorm room hacks decor ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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