20 Easy Dorm Room Decorating Tips

Moving into your college dorm room is so exciting- and the best part? You get to decorate it yourself. Check out some of these dorm room decorating tips!

Arguably the most exciting part of moving to college (next to the new and wide array of parties) is getting to decorate your half of your dorm room. Unfortunately, there can also be complications with decorating your room. How do you organize your dorm to have the most stuff in such a little space and without your room looking cluttered? Is there a way to save money while decorating your dorm? Here are some tips and tricks to help with your dorm room decorating and organizing!

1. Shoebox Charging Port

Ever have an issue with wires tangling together? With this simple, tangle-free shoebox charging station, you can have a designated spot on your desk for all electronics and your desk won’t look cluttered with wires and power strips. All you need is a power strip, shoebox, scissors, and anything you want to decorate your box with.

2. Fairy Lights

Save money on lighting for your room by ordering/buying fairy lights instead of getting a floor lamp. They are fairly cheap, plus they make your room look super cute and tumblr-esque.

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3. DIY Mason Jar Holders

Want a cute, cheap way to organize anything from your desk to your toiletries? Take a mason jar or wash out any food jar and decorate it! You can use it to hold pencils, pens, a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brushes/combs, bobby pins, etc. There are so many things you can store in them.

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4. Clothespin Picture Holder

This has been all over the internet the past couple of years but it is honestly so cute and simple that I felt it should be included in this article. All you need is clothespins, rope or twine, and pictures. The best part is it is customizable to you!

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5. Vintage Book Planter

This adorable and easy DIY project is a way to use your old books in a new way to decorate your room.  You can set this on your desk or on a shelf if you have a shelving system underneath your bed.

6. Washi Tape Corkboard

All you need is a corkboard and washi tape, which you can find anywhere! You can make this project as simple or as complex as you want.

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7. Make A Headboard Out Of Cardboard

For all my fancy girls out there; or if you just want to make your dorm feel a little more home-y, try making a head board out of cardboard!

8. Hanging Tapestry

Another famous Tumblr decoration is a beautiful mandala tapestry that spans the length of a wall. Just make sure when hanging it or anything else, you are using Command strips!

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9. Rugs

Dorm floors can get cold at night or they can just be really dirty. To avoid cold and dirty feet, get a super cute rug! You can find a rug for less than $20 at Walmart, Target, or any other retailer.

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10. Door Shoe Organizer

The perfect way to save space in your dorm is to use door shoe hangers. You can store anything in them! From makeup to snacks to actual shoes to school supplies, they are the best organizers for your dorm. You can line your closet with them. Just hang a Command strip and hang them up.

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11. Putting Your Shower Products On A Hanger

This is a super cool and easy way to store your products for the shower. All you do is hang the rings you would put on a curtain rod on to a hanger and little clips to clip your soap bottles.

12. Headboard Shelves

Want to utilize your space for storage? Instead of a true headboard, try headboard shelves! You can find these on Amazon, Target, Ikea, and other retailers.

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13. Paint Strip Calendar

Not only does your dorm need to be organized, but your life does too! This really cool DIY calendar can help you keep your life in order while also being a super cute addition to your dorm.

14. Storage Bins

When you think of storage bins, you more-than-likely think of the bins that you move in with but those don’t have to be what you store your stuff in at school. Check out a student’s storage system below!

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15. Bedside Caddy

Need something to hold all your bedside essentials but have no room for a side table? Invest in a bedside caddy! You can find them on any major retailer’s website.

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16. Show Your Personality In Your Bedding

It’s okay to play around with patterns and colors! Whether you’re a Simple Sally with blacks and whites or a Bold Betty with the brightest colors, your dorm should always reflect the person you are.

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17. Lots Of Pillows

You don’t need a whole lot of pillows to sleep, but having lots of pillows like the ones below gives your room character and really showcases your personality. They are also cheap and easy decorations!

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18. Fluffy Pillows And Blankets

Especially in the northern states, it can get really cold outside and in turn make your dorm feel colder than normal. For those chilly nights or nights that you want warmth but don’t have someone to hold for it, faux fur pillows and blankets are perfect.

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19. Good Study Pillow

For those late night study sessions, your desk chair could get super uncomfortable and leaning over a desk can cause serious back problems later on in life. You should always invest in a good study pillow to use when your back starts to hurt and need a break from the desk chair.

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20. Lap Desk

This can also help you with studying in your bed when the desk gets to be a pain. Not only can you find ones with little storage areas but they also help keep your laptop safe. If your laptop sits on cloth like your bedding for too long, it can get over heated which causes internal damage to your laptop and is a major fire hazard.

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These are 20 easy dorm room decorating tips! Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own 

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20 easy dorm room decorating tips

*This is a sponsored post all opinions are my own.


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