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20 Dorm Room Decorating Tips To Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Adjusting to college can be tough but when you have to downsize to a room way smaller than your room back home and you have to share it with someone else, things can get a little jumbled. Here are 20 dorm room decorating tips to make your side of the room feel a lot bigger!

1. Picture wall

We all get a little homesick from time to time, but surrounding yourself with pictures of your friends and family can make you and your space feel better.

2. Hanging lights on all corners

Dorms don’t seem to get a lot of light so hanging lights or getting battery powered candles can help brighten up your space and day.

3. Car freshener in the vent

Speaking of candles, you can’t light them in the dorms! Now how do they expect us to keep our rooms smelling pretty when we share an A/C with a whole floor? Try putting a car freshener on the air vent. While it won’t make your room feel bigger, at least it’ll smell good.

4. Stack your storage

Storage is a major problem when it comes to dorms and finding a place to put stuff can be nearly impossible. Try stacking up instead of out.

5. Lifted bed

While lifted beds can be a pain lowering them leaves you a little amount of storage in your already small space. Keep them lifted and put storage containers underneath.

6. Ottoman

With the beds lifted so high, it’s hard to get onto the bed. Ottomans are an easy solution that kills 3 birds with one stone; gets you on your bed, can provide storage, and a place to sit for guest.


7. Cover storage with comforter or tapestry

If you think your dorm looks ugly with your storage showing try getting a bigger comforter that will hang over the edge or get something to cover the area.

8. Command hooks in your closet

When you share a bathroom with 3, maybe 4, other people there tends to be nowhere to store your stuff. Try hanging command strip hooks up in your closet, giving you a store place that takes up almost no room.

9. Dorm room packages

Can’t figure out how to decorate your room? Well, problem solved! Colleges have these dorm rooms packages that come with everything you would need, from comforters to storage chests.

10. Homemade headboard

Do your pillows keep falling behind your bed? Try making your own headboard. It also makes your bed look WAY bigger.

11. Shoe rack snack storage

Shoe racks aren’t just for shoes. They can store anything from food to hair products.

12. Shoe rack for all your shoes in your closet

Now that you’ve used your shoe organizer for food, where do you store your shoes? Buy a floor shoe rack. it can fit in your closet right under your clothes.

13. Desk organizers for your drawers

Buy desk organizers. The dorm desks are small and can get messy easily. keep your space clean and ready to help you kick butt.

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14. Shelves above your bed

Use your wall space to your advantage. Put up shelves or use those command strips.

15. Shoe box homemade theatre

Can’t afford a tv or rather have no space for one? Try making your own home theater with just a shoe box.

16. Dorm curtains

Dorm blinds can be so ugly, but you cant screw anything into the walls. Try buying a tension rod and some curtains.

17. Rolling hamper

Get a rolling hamper that fits under your bed and is easy to move from your room to the laundry room.

18. Whiteboard for your door

Get a whiteboard for your door, it’s a great way to make friends!

19. Sit up pillows

Make studying from your bed 1000 times more comfortable with sit up pillows.

20. Washi tape for literally anything.

Use washi tape to decorate anything and everything.

Do you have any other dorm room decorating tips!? Share in the comments below!

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