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Dorm Room Decorating Ideas BY STYLE

When it comes to decorating your dorm room, there are so many directions you can go in and styles you can follow, that it can seem pretty overwhelming at first. That’s why we made it easy and gave you some super cute dorm room decorating ideas by the style and look that you’re going for!  Whether you’re a bohemian babe, a chic and sleek gal, super preppy or prefer nautical vibes, we have every style covered! From amazing dream catchers to beautiful monogram wall art and everything in between, here are four awesome dorm room decorating ideas by style!


The boho room look has become popular over the last few seasons, and for good reason. Boho is made of darker colors like black, brown, and deep reds, and fun busy patterns in shapes, such as medallions or peacock feathers. To create a boho dorm room, don’t be afraid to mix prints – Aztec, stripes, floral, or even elephant prints are very popular in the boho style.



Must-haves for a boho dorm room look:

Tapestries Will Spice Up Any Dorm Room Walls

Use them to decorate your walls, behind your bed as a headboard, or hang them from the ceiling. You can ever use them as a light comforter.


String lights Give Off The Perfect Glow

String lights will perfectly complete your boho look and give your room a cozy feel. Some string lights even come with photo clips to give your room a more personalized feel!

Wall Decor Can Take Any Room From Drab To Fab

For the walls, hang a dream catcher, some vintage posters and maybe even some framed vinyls.

A Patterned Comforter Will Bring Your Room To Life

A comforter with a bold pattern will immediately boho-ify your room up. Your bed is probably the first thing you see when you walk into a room, so making sure your comforter sticks to the boho theme is crucial to pulling off the look.


Cute Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows are a must for any dorm room. These boho chic pillows give off the perfect bohemian vibes for any room.



A chic dorm room offers a very elegant and classy vibe to your room, usually decorated with light colors like white and light pink, and very little pattern. A chic bedroom can either be super classy with very little decor, or flashy, but sophisticated and elegant.



Must-haves for a chic dorm room style:

Ruffle Bedding For That Relaxed, Girly Vibe

This is almost a necessity to really show of the chic style. Ruffles are perfect for any girly girl with style and class.

Sequin pillows To Add Some Sparkle

Sequins always make your chic bedding even chic-er, and will add some flare to your bedroom!

Fancy Decorations For The Walls

Small, delicate touches like chic wall art or pretty wall decals will bring out the fanciness you didn’t know your room could have.


Like the preppy look in fashion, the preppy dorm room style is full of bright colors, like hot pink, purple, bright blue and lime green. It is a great way to show off your personality and preppy style. Don’t be afraid to rock bright-colored patterns in everything from your bedding to your storage items.



Must-haves for the preppy dorm style:

Monogram Wall Art

Anything monogram will pretty much complete your preppy look. Try rocking your initials in pillows, wall decor, calendars, pin boards and block letter frames.

See Also

Bold Patterns

Chevron, stripes and polka dots can be incorporated in your bedding, wall decorations, and even storage items.

Quick Tip:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match the different patterns and color schemes. It will give your room an extra preppy touch. Have a polka-dot bedspread, but a chevron rug. It sounds crazy, but trust us, it will look great!



The beach style dorm, or any room for that matter, is always a very popular decor theme. You can go with the super tropical look, full of palm tree decor, star fish accents, and ocean photos, or go with a nautical-look, which is also in the family of preppy. Either way, there are tons of options out there for you to perfect this style in your dorm, and live in paradise every day.



Must-haves for a beach dorm room style:

Sea Inspired Wall Art

Whether a quote, a beautiful sunset, an awesome surfer, or a bunch of seashells – these accent pieces will really pull together your theme.

Ocean Themed Bedding

What makes you feel like you’re at the beach? The ocean of course! Go with bedding that’s blue like the ocean and the sky to make you really feel like you’re in paradise.

Anchors Are A Must Have

And what’s an ocean without a boat. Anchor decorations, such as in bedding, pillows, and on your walls are necessary for the beach look, especially if you’re going with the nautical feel.



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