10 Dorm Room Decor Favorites Anyone Should Have In Their Room

Living in a dorm is a great time. You meet all kinds of new friends, go to parties, and have a good time in between classes! It’s the chance to get a feel for living on your own without mom and dad, and that is a liberating feeling. Sometimes the dorm rooms they give us are so painfully dull though, so we put together 10 dorm room décor favorites anyone should have in their room!

1. Tapestries & Banners

The walls are bound to be bare as Hell when you first move into your new dorm. Lately, wall-size tapestries and banners have been extremely popular and we see why! They have so many different styles and designs for any type of student. They range from landscapes to abstract, band merch to intellectual looks, and so on… This is definitely a good start for your dorm room décor!

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2. String Lights

It may sound basic, but string lights have so many possible ways to light up your dorm room decor. Regular string lights, clip lights so you can drape them along the walls with photos attached, LED colored lights to wrap all around the party area, etc. Check them out!

3. Fuzzy Storage

Guys, we guarantee you will dig this look just as much as the ladies do. Fuzzy furniture is IN! It pretty much always has been and always will be a dorm room décor favorite. There are ottomans and simple square seats covered in velvet and faux hair in literally every color possible. It’s a great way to get some more storage space and give your new friends some cool seats.

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4. Table & Wall Lights

These dorm room décor lights are completely different from the string lights we mentioned before. Table and wall LED and neon lights are a great way to add some spice to your dorm room. There are neon flamingos, palm trees, unicorns, peace signs… everything. Guys- they also have beer signs and sports lights, too.

5. Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable furniture is by far the greatest thing ever invented. It’s a great way to add whatever furniture you need when you need (like more seats) with the option of being able to deflate it and pack it away when you go back to needing more space. Dorm room décor like this is fire! Especially when you get the palm leaves patterns or something hot like that.

6. Shifting Shelves & Drawers

Those awesome loose bins that you can lay out or stack in any which way to make the most room out of your little dorm room are awesome. They come in so many different sizes and can stack, be shelved, or spread out in any which way so they are perfect for any and everybody trying to stay hip with their dorm room décor.

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7. Rave Rugs

We can’t forget the floors when it comes to dorm room décor. You need to find something to lay down that looks cool. To be honest, you probably want to put a clean layer down anyways because you never know lived in that dorm before you… just sayin’. Sorry! Try these neat shag or “rave” rugs in all kinds of bright colors!

8. Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards take you all back to your middle school/ high school days, right? Nothing wrong with that. It’s good to keep memories close to your heart, and on your wall. Guys and girls can pick from literally thousands of different kinds of boards. Plain cork boards, fabric boards, fancy push pin boards, news print-wrapped boards, sports memorabilia boards… You get the idea. Even get more than one! Fill those walls with the best moments of your life so everyone can see just how cool you are.

9. Comforters

We had to save the best stuff for last. Bedding is probably the most important part of your dorm. That bed will be your peaceful sanctuary for the next 2-4 years, so it has to be comfortable. We spotted fuzzy, velvety comforter sets in pinks and purples, blues and whites, geared towards the ladies. Gentlemen- they have “manly” sets, too. Don’t worry. We just want to make sure you guys avoid the sports players/superheroes comforters for the sake of your social life. Trust us, if you get a black fuzzy bed set, the ladies will LOVE it, and so will you. Make sure you all set your alarm for class because you will not want to get out of this bed.

10. Pillows

If you think comforters and pillows are in the same dorm room décor category, you’re totally wrong. Pillows are the second half of amazing bedding, yes, but do you realize the endless possibilities with great pillows?! Fuzzy ones, shaggy ones, plain ones, giant ones, little ones, etc. They’re great for your bed, your couch, the floor… anywhere you can make a comfortable stack of pillows, do it. You and your guests will thank us later.

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We hope all you guys and gals take our advice with all these dorm room décor favorites. If there is something you think we missed on our list, comment below and let us know your favorite dorm room ideas!

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