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10 Dorm Hacks That Are Actually Useful

10 Dorm Hacks That Are Actually Useful

10 Dorm Hacks That Are Actually Useful

Many students have recently moved into their new college dorms and are getting ready to experience the joys of college for the first time. However, some parts of college aren’t all cheery and perfect. I’m not just talking about academics or social stress, which brings its own unique set of problems, but also dorm living.

The cozy living can certainly be fun, but it is also extremely stressful. This isn’t just because you might not match with the perfect roommate, but also because of the space itself. Dorms are far from the cozy and aesthetically pleasing places colleges advertise them to be.

For one, most dorms are super tiny, so you won’t have much space to store your personal belongings. Second, you are very likely to have to use a communal bathroom which means you’ll need to bring a good set of flip flops and a shower bag. Finally, you might not even have air conditioning, so get prepared to adjust to the heat. All these things combined can make dorm living less of a fun experience and more of a pain. If you don’t learn to adapt, you could end up dreading returning to your dorm room every day.

But, living in a dorm doesn’t have to be a nightmare. 

Dorm life doesn’t have to be a hassle or even a pain. You can easily make your time in a dorm fun and even preferable to living at home. You don’t need to luck out and get placed in the most expensive and luxurious dorm either for this to happen. You just need a little patience, thriftiness, and some creative thinking to make your dorm more bearable. The dorm can even become very homey and somewhere you look forward to going back to every day if you follow these great dorm hacks! So don’t fret about living in a dorm. With these dorm hacks, your experience living in student housing can actually be great. Here are 10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

1. Invest in a Good Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Can’t get a second of sleep thanks to your noisy hall mates and the construction outside? Tired and stressed, you complain to your friends, and they all seem to suggest the same thing. Earplugs. But these squishy, ugly, and uncomfortable things are not the only way to block noise. There is a newer and better way to get a decent night of sleep: noise-canceling headphones. This technology can help block out loud noises and you can also listen to some relaxing tunes while you use them. If you’re ever in a pickle and can’t get a good night’s sleep, just grab some noise-canceling headphones!

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

2. Save Space With Hanging Cubbies

Go to Target or a similar store and you’ll likely find some hanging cubbies you can buy. They might seem strange at first, but for college students, they are a lifesaver. Just hang them up and put your stuff in there and you can save so much space. Your closet can become storage not just for your clothes but for other items too with these hanging cubbies. Some stores even have hanging cubbies specifically for shoes, so you can store your shoes somewhere without worrying about space. 

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

3. Hang Your Hair Tools Up On Wall Hangers

If you feel like your hair styling tools are taking up too much space, then you should consider utilizing your wall hangers. You can use the wall hangers not just for coats but also for your hair tools. Just hang your straighteners up on the wire on the wall hanger and no longer will it be lying on the floor or taking up your work desk space!

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

4. Power Trips and an Extension Cord Are a Must Have

You might think you can avoid getting a power strip and/or extension cord in your freshman year of college—don’t do it. Those power strips are a lifesaver and in today’s world where technology rules, you’ll going to be charging more things than you think. Having a central place you can charge your phone, your laptop, your Bluetooth speaker, and whatever else, will absolutely come in handy. There are plenty of power strips you can choose from these days, too, from bare-bones ones to ones that stick under tables. Extension cords are also a good idea, as you may not have many charging ports that are close to your workspace in your dorm.

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

5. Get a Storage Bag

One great way to save some space and find a place to store stuff is to get a storage bag. You can utilize these to save space and store anything from shower essentials to study snacks. It’s a great way to keep your dorm organized and preserve room in your college dorm.

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

6. You Can Utilize A Keruig For More Than Coffee

You can use that Keurig for more than just making quick coffee. For example, you can use the hot water to make oatmeal or coffee!

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10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

7.  Use a Storage Cart to Store Stuff

Use a storage cart to store stuff. It can save a lot of space!

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

8. Use A Makeup Storage Box

Makeup can take up a lot of space and make a big mess if you aren’t careful. You can solve this problem by using a makeup storage box. This will help you organize your makeup tools in your dorm.

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

9. Use a “Where Is…” Sign to Tell Your Roommate Where You Are

Having “A Where Am I?” sign can help you and roommate keep in touch and help you and them stay safe. You can easily design and print one of these out!

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

10. Make a Mock Air Conditioner

You can mimic the effects of air conditioning by placing a bowl of ice by your fan. It’s super cooling and simple. It’s a great lifesaver for days when it is super hot and you aren’t blessed with some nice air conditioning in your college dorm.

10 dorm hacks that are actually useful.

Are there any other dorm hacks that are actually useful? Comment below and tell us!

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