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20 Dorm Gadgets That Will Make College Life Easier

College is very difficult to adjust to, especially in your first year. You miss home, you can’t make friends, you can’t figure out how to live on your own, and there are so many more concerns you have. But I’m here to help you get through your first semester with these cool gadgets that will make your life so much easier!

1. Bed Pocket

When you have the top bunk of the bunk beds, or if your bed is just really high up, which most dorm room beds are, it can be difficult to keep your phone or your glasses with you. But that’s where this special pocket comes in. Just attach it to the part your mattress attaches to, and you have a nice place to leave your cellphone and your glasses!

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2. Long Distance Friendship/Relationship Lamps

Ever miss your best friend or your parents, but you don’t know if they miss you? Fear no longer! This lamp allows you to connect with friends and family in ways you couldn’t before. Just hit the top, and both your lamp and the lamp you left with your friends light up.

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3. New Phone Case

A new phone case is a must-have for dorm gadgets. When I was in my first year of college, I broke two phones just from being irresponsible, but with a sturdy phone case like the one below from Casetify, you won’t have to worry!

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4. Light-Up Cord Organizer

This cord organizer allows you to keep up to three chargers from tangling on your desk. It lights up so you can see the cords and whatever is on your desk, and the top of the organizer comes off so you can easily switch cords without tangling them again. It’s a neat tool to have. 

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5. Mini Steamer

This travel-size steamer allows you to make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free. It is also small enough so you can fit it anywhere you can find space in your dorm, which makes it one of the best dorm gadgets. You never know when you might need your clothes to look really nice, and it’s not that expensive, so it would be a nice thing to have with you.

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6. No-Spill Ice Tray

Having ice on hot days is a good thing. And it can be difficult to find a flat spot in your freezer for the ice tray to sit without spilling. This ice tray allows you to lay it vertically instead of horizontally, so you can put it wherever you can find an empty spot in your freezer.

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7. Clip-On Lamp

You can never have too many lamps, especially in a dorm where the overhead light is too bright. Studying in your bed might be the way you like to study, so having a light you can clip onto your bed would be useful. This would be a very useful device to have for your dorm.

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8. Mug Warmer

Coffee or tea is something every college student drinks, so having a warming tray for the mug would be really nice. It never tastes good to drink coffee or tea that is cold, unless it was supposed to be iced, to begin with. This is something you can keep on your desk, so you can use it every time you’re in your dorm.

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9. Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Speaking of coffee, you might want coffee but you don’t want the whole pot. This makes it easier to make coffee for the day. It even comes with a mug, so you can bring your coffee with you to your classes. This is a really useful thing to have in your dorm, especially when your roommate doesn’t like coffee.

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10. Lap Desk

This is a nice tool to hold your laptop and your cell phone. It even has a light for when you’re reading a book for class. It fits nicely on your lap, so you don’t hurt your legs while holding your laptop. It has a cushioned area that sits right on your legs, so it won’t make you uncomfortable.

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11. Fabric Shaver

This little device keeps your clothing from getting those little pills in them. It can keep your clothing looking nice for a longer period of time. Your sweaters and sweatpants will look as good as new after a few minutes with this. It will be a nice thing to keep tucked away in the corner of your desk.

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12. Note Holder

Everyone could use a cute dinosaur on their desk. It will hold your pencils, too, so you won’t lose track of where your pencil is. This will keep your post-it note in one place, so even if the stickiness lets go, you won’t lose it. This is a nice tool to keep front and center on your desk.

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13. Headphone Splitter

This is always useful when you want to show your friend a video, but you don’t want to use the same pair of earbuds. This keychain also is small enough to fit on your car keyring. It can fit right in your pocket, and the sound isn’t distorted or anything, either.

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14. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Most college students eat ramen at some point during school. And what better way to eat ramen than with chopsticks? Star Wars is such a popular franchise right now, that you will have friends everywhere you go if you use these chopsticks in public.

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15. Tiny Iron

Having an iron in your dorm is always useful, especially if you’re majoring in something that requires you to get dressed up for class. This iron is small enough that you could keep it in the corner and you won’t run out of space for the other, more important things in your dorm.

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16. Microwavable Egg Maker

Since most colleges allow you to have a microwave in your dorm, it is really useful to have a microwaveable bowl in your dorm. Eggs are also a really easy food to make, and there are so many meals you can make with eggs. You will not go hungry with this egg maker in your dorm.

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17. Produce Saving Container

Refrigerators are another thing most colleges allow you to bring into your dorm. Vegetables are also an easy thing to store in your refrigerator. These containers will keep the vegetables good for a longer period of time, so these would be really nice to keep in your dorm.

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18. Toilet Bowl Light

This is useful if you have a suite at college, where you have your own bathroom. It will keep you from needing to turn on the light every time you have to go to the bathroom, so this is really useful. You won’t have to wake up the entire dorm each time you turn on the light.

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19. Hanging Shower Caddy

This is a shower caddy you can keep inside the shower. Most caddies are designed to hold everything you need but not to go in the shower. This will hold your shampoo and body wash, and it is small enough where it won’t take up a lot of space in those tiny college showers.

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20. Battery Operated Candles

Colleges don’t allow you to have flames in the dorm, so candles are not allowed. But this is battery operated, so it won’t cause a fire in your room. It would be nice to have this if you like having candles lit. You can keep these on your desk, too, so you can use them all the time.

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I hope this article helps make your life at college a little bit easier. Which of these dorm gadgets will you be buying for your room? Let us know in the comments below!

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