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Dorm Decorating Ideas

Dorm Decorating Ideas

Decorating your dorm room is probably the most exciting part about venturing off to college. You have your own new space to decorate however you want. New color schemes and patterns, fun new furniture and cool ways to stay organized. Whether you’re in a single, double or a suite, there are awesome dorm decorating ideas out there for you to have the best-decorated dorm room on campus!



Whether you fill your wall with photos, canvases, lights, decals, quotes or a little bit of all, there are TONS of awesome things you can do with your bare dorm walls to make them pop with style and personality.


Photos are obviously a huge dorm decor “duh,” but the ways you hang them can certainly affect the vibe of your room. Here are some ideas for photos:

1. Incorporate both traditional “stick them on the wall” ways of hanging pictures, different decorations.  Angle your photos in different ways, and put quotes around them that explain the people in those photos and relationships with them.

2. Hang your photos up by clothes pins and strings. These are a super cheap and easy way to show off your friends and family from home, and the new friends you make at school. You can even clip the pins to lights for an added touch.


Picture Wall with Canvass Wall light

3. Cover an entire all with photos. There’s no better way to surround yourself with your loved ones, even if they’re miles away.

Picture Wall


4. Decals are also a super cool way to decorate your wall, and you incorporate them with photos, or just on the wall by themselves.

Bird decals

5. Simply use a printer and a computer to print out your favorite quotes and stick them to your wall. You can even print out photos or magazine pages that you want to hang up and cut them out and stick them on the wall to shape a phrase.


cut out


Mini String Light Set at Dormify



DIY Clothes Pins Photo String

clothes pins

Clothes pins from The Container Store

Quick Tip: Get some glitter paint and decorative stick-on gems and decorate your  regular clothes pins for an added touch.


Instagram photo frames from Etsy

instagram frames

quote1 quote 2 quote 3



Your bedding is one of the things in that is going to set the vibe of your new space. It’s pretty much the foundation of your dorm room. There are TONS of options out there that will fit whatever style you are going for. Whether it’s plain and simple, bright and loud, or patterned to perfection, the options are limitless!

PBTeen Tie Dye

Dormify Orange



Dormify Pillow dormify Elephant pillow

See Also


Urban Outfitters Purple


PINK body pillow


Storage & Organization

Most storage bins and baskets come in plain colors to serve their organization purposes. But, there are really cool ways to jazz up your storage items and give your room an extra touch. As a college student organization is a huge factor in success, and that plays well into your dorm room.  You can DIY or purchase the awesome storage products available at many places for your walls, under your bed, on the floor and on your desk. Plus, you can shop with a student discount at our sister site!

Seat Crates birds hooks

PBTeen Corkboard


PBTeen jewelry holder PBTeen shelves

DIY week organize Underbed storage

 Dorm Desk Dorm Desk Corkboard


PBTeen desk PBTeen desk 2

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