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Dorm Decor To Have For Your Visiting Family Members

Dorm Decor To Have For Your Visiting Family Members

College is usually a young adult’s first time living away from home. Naturally, dorm decor is among the first things you’ll want to get while settling in; your family is going to want to look at the abode you end up staying in. It’s time to check off some dorm decor that’ll make your family think you’re more well-adjusted than you actually are!


If you’re going to impress your visiting family with any dorm decor that shows off your academic life, a bookshelf is a must. Books are a universal symbol of knowledge and learning, so having a shelf dedicated to a ton of them will make your family think you’re really committed to your studies!

…Of course, nobody ever said you had to actually¬†read all your books. Bookshelves in this regard are just to help ease your family to the idea that you can prioritize yourself. They are a form over function utility.


*Dorm Decor To Have For Your Visiting Family Members


Now, this suggestion isn’t mostly for show, as a desk is definitely a dorm decor you will very much need regardless if you’re trying to impress your family or not. Some dorms already come with desks as they are, but for those that don’t, a desk is going to come in handy.

A desk is no desk without personalization, however. Buy some desk organizers for your scattered files. Some sticky notes packs and a planner can sit perfectly on your desk. Round it out with paper clips and a stapler and your desk will look clean, tidy, and organized!


To your family, this will give off that studious academic impression.

Fairy String Lights

Dorm decor can help you feel like you’re in college and away from traditional structures. A lamp? Please. That’s what you had in your old bedroom. Fairy string lights are a unique decoration that not only brighten your room, they also tell your folks that your abode is a quirky area that you love to have fun with.

A dorm is all about personalization (dual personalization with a roommate), so think outside the mundane box and find eccentric decor!


*Dorm Decor To Have For Your Visiting Family Members

Comfy Seating

Your family doesn’t only want you to look academically pleasing, they will also care about how comfortable you’re feeling. Sustaining a level of coziness is key to keeping your relatives at ease with your living situation!

We’re not talking about regular desk chairs, here. You need bean bags, you need a plushy chair, a soft surface to rest your behind upon! If you can sleep on it, then it’s the one.


Ceiling Decorations

Hanging things around your dorm (or side of the dorm) helps establish an aesthetic that tells your family members you’re crafting a creative environment for yourself.

Hang drapes alongside your ceiling to give off a dreamy, comfy vibe. Paper lanterns that dot across the ceiling bring out a creative, sunny outlook. Star decor and planet miniatures will put a celestial ambiance.

You can even hang your own personal arts and crafts projects, like paper mache airplanes or whatever other inventive ideas you have!


*Dorm Decor To Have For Your Visiting Family Members

Storage Spaces

Keep your dorm space clean! Your family wants to see or visit you and you have the whole room trashed! Parents absolutely hate when their child leaves messes, you don’t want to give them the impression you live in filth, right?

That is why it’s important to supply yourself with storage space items! Trash bins need no explanation. Hampers are not as commonly thought of, but they will be essential for communal bathrooms. Small bins for fitting things you don’t want to just stuff into your closet.¬†


Polaroid Photography

Dorm decor is vital to show your family just how well you’re adjusting to life on campus. A fun way to capture proof of your thriving is to take polaroid photography and hang your pictures on the wall. Show off your new friends you’ve made, the new places you’ve visited, or just present your creative outlet.

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Using polaroids instead of regular photos gives off a fun, indie aesthetic to your living space. Your polaroid collection will cement to visiting relatives that you’re establishing your own life and adventures away from home.


*Dorm Decor To Have For Your Visiting Family Members

Posters And Frames

Your dorm walls are a depressing gray and bland permanency of your room. Posters and picture frames will help liven the atmosphere up. Whichever posters and frames you choose will reflect a personality you can present to your family. Posters related your major are highly encouraged for that academic persona you want to give off.

Frames offer a more sleek and refined look to your room. They’re the dorm decor that can be fashionable and a show-off of your interests.


Plants And Succulents

Adding green dorm decor to a bland, gray room provides wonderful color contrast. And by green we mean the succulents and plants you could be hosting. Cater them like your own children and watch them bloom and flourish in your dorm! They’re small friends that deserve a lot of attention.

Note: This section is not for the irresponsible. Plants are a commitment and are not just decoration you can plop in and neglect. That being said, if you’re thinking of adding some green friends, and you know you can keep up with their needs, go out and buy some succulents!

*Dorm Decor To Have For Your Visiting Family Members


Things From Home

A new college student on campus dorms is living away from home for the first time. Take something or a couple things with you that reminds you of home. We aren’t counting clothes and practical necessities though, they have to be a bit more unique that helps personalize your dorm.

An old toy from childhood can signal to your family that just because you’re growing up doesn’t mean you’ve never lost your inner child. Your sports trophy tells them you’re proud of your past accomplishments. Various items and knickknacks offer incredible and complex insight your family can piece themselves.

We’d love to know how you showed off your dorm room for visiting family members. Let us know what they were impressed with by leaving a comment down below!

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