Dorm Decor For Every Style Room

Dorm life can be really rough, especially if you’re going to college or university in a new city, with no family support for reliance on things like food and beauty products (emphasis on the food).

But being able to decorate your new found space is probably the best part of moving out, because (no matter how big it is) it’s your own space that you can do whatever you want with, and that’s amazing within itself.

Single room

One of the most common options for upper class men, single rooms are all on you, meaning you have complete say over what the room looks like, and complete control over all the space. But, despite this, you still need to be conscious about the space you take up if you want to make the most of it.

Our suggestion is to push the bed into one of the far corners of the room (if it’s not already there), which frees up space. Then use a small nightstand with drawers to store any personal possessions and books, and add a mini fridge for your personal food.

Next, for storage, use storage cubes from any decor store or storage baskets with openings in the front so you can stack them.

Dorm Decor For Every Style Room

Next, we suggest you use a clothing rack so that you have more space to hang the clothes that need it, which also gives you a cute open-concept and more access for outfit choosing in the mornings.

Dorm Decor For Every Style Room

Double room with single beds

Being the more common dorm room style for freshmen, this is the room where you really need to learn how to store your stuff, especially clothes. No matter what way these rooms are set up, it never feels like you have enough room, and trying to push all of your stuff together in a small place makes it even harder.

So, for rooms with single beds (meaning none of that bunk bed action), the best thing to do is invest in as many cheap storage options you can, especially wall shelving, where you can put all of your different knick-knack or personal possession type stuff (be careful to make sure you can hang them though). Add a nightstand with a bunch of available storage space like cupboards or drawers to give more space for your personal stuff as well (and maybe a bit of alcohol).

You should also try and get some cloth storage cubes, similar to ones from IKEA, which you can stuff in the place between your bed and the closet, or even underneath your bed if there’s space.

Dorm Decor For Every Style Room

Dorm room with double/bunk beds

Now, if you do have bunk beds, things get more interesting: you can add a cubby hole shelving unit underneath for a bit more storage, which are usually great for stuff like socks, underwear and shirts, and books! You can also add a mini fridge for personal food, which is great if you have a communal kitchen.

To add a bit more privacy to your shared space, you can also add some sheer curtains over top of your bed, which can also block out a bit of light if your roommate is up late watching Netflix.

Dorm Decor For Every Style Room

Apartment suite

This is where you can go absolutely buck wild! We suggest moving most of the cramped storage items you had in first year to the living room, where you can use them for other things, and maybe still invest in a mini fridge if you’re sharing the apartment.

What do you think about these suggestions? How did you decorate your dorm room? Tell us in the comments!

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