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Don’t Waste Your Summer Vacation Doing These Things

You know that time of year when all you want to do is chill and do nothing, yep, that’s summer. However, summer vacation should be the time which you should develop as a person and to try new things. That’s why I put together a list of activities you should avoid doing during your summer vacation so that way you have a very active summer.

1. Watching Television all day, every day

I love to reruns of the office as much as anyone, but it shouldn’t be the other thing you do during your summer vacation. Television is a time waster. You know the saying that television rots the brain, well it also leaves you on the couch for hours on end. Go outside. Play football with the ol’ chaps. Don’t be a couch potato, be a flowing flower dancing in the breeze. Okay, forget that last part.

2. Eating Junk food like it’s the end of the world

I can’t tell you how many times I ate a pack of Chocolate Chip Cookies only to have less energy than a lazy sloth. Eating too much junk food can cause a decrease in blood sugar if you’re not careful. This can lead you feeling very tired and less willingly to take a trip to the park. It’s like having a ton of boulders holding you down in a ocean of chocolate pudding. Well actually, that probably wouldn’t be so bad.

3. Working overtime

It’s good that you want to make enough money to support yourself and your love ones, but c’mon. I’m sure your boss loves it when you’re working longer than he or she. Hell, it’s probably why they gave you overtime in the first place, just to make up for their incompetence and lack of putting a effort. Your summer vacation shouldn’t always be about making as much stress money as possible, instead go after your creative endeavors and be who you were meant to be.

4. Internet, Internet, Internet

You know you’re having a crappy summer vacation when you’re spending most of it commenting on a random dude’s picture about how they’re spending their summer vacation in Hawaii. Look I get, the internet is like a vortex, it just sucks all your attention in and never lets go. And yet, the internet can only hold your attention for so long that your brain won’t end up frying like a Fourth of July patty. Shut down the computer, go to Hawaii, and then come back and post a picture of how you spent your summer vacation trying to crack open coconuts with your bare hands.

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5. Drinking in Bars just for the hell of it

Yeah, yeah. College is done. You can now go out and drink without having to worry about morning hangovers in class. But don’t you want to at least remember what you did during your summer vacation, or at least half of it?

6. Fighting with your family

Summer vacations can be, well, stressful. The kids are out of school and there’s only so much room for rambunctious little freedom fighters like your eleven year old brother.  Instead of fighting with him or anyone else in your family, try bonding with them and see what happens. Maybe after a week or two you could end up going to museums and parks without ever having to argue with anyone. Unlikely I know, but at least it would be worth the try.

So how’s your typical summer vacation? Is it dull, exciting, or do you just spend most of it arguing with a random stranger at a bar? Comment below and make sure to share this. Until next time.

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