What You DON’T Need To Bring To UCLA

When packing for college, space becomes valuable (and sparse). Everyone keeps telling you what you absolutely HAVE to bring with you to college, but here are some things you won’t need to bring to UCLA.

1. Kitchen appliances your roommate is already bringing.

Don’t end up like me, with four rice cookers to one apartment. You don’t need that much rice, ever.

2. That dress you think you might wear.

Because you probably won’t; let’s be real.

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3. Your high school boyfriend.

Because you should be free to explore your options.

4. Your collection of high school yearbooks and other memorabilia.

Leave it at home and reminisce occasionally, but college is for experiencing new things and making new memories.

5. Old textbooks.

The internet is a thing. You should use it.

6. All your winter coats.

Bring clothes seasonally. It saves space you don’t have.

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7. Whatever instrument you played in high school band.

Because why does your entire floor need to hear you play the trombone?

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8. Your high school varsity jacket.

Go shopping for a crewneck from the UCLA store or something.

9. A television.

Because you need to study; and even if you don’t, Netflix is a thing.

Have anything to add to the list of things you DON’T need to bring to UCLA? Comment below!

Featured image source:
Alexandria Lee

Fourth Year Biology Major at UCLA who loves all things brunch, coffee, and clothes!

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