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Don’t Let Summer Vacation Pass You By, Try Doing These Things

Don’t Let Summer Vacation Pass You By, Try Doing These Things

Don't Let Summer Vacation Pass You By, Try Doing These Things

Summer vacations are fast, so that’s why you have to stay active in order to get the best out of them. Just staying inside the house watching reruns off Supernatural isn’t going to cut it. Don’t let summer vacation pass you by, try doing these awesome activities to make it the best summer vacation ever.

1. Go to the museum

From art to fossils, the museum is a great place to spend time with the family and learn about things you haven’t known before. A true staple of summer vacations, museums provide a break from the sun while allowing you to get out the house. They also provide drinks and snacks along the way. Oh, did I forget the cool memorabilia?

Don’t Let Summer Vacation Pass You By, Try Doing These Things

2.  Go to your local movie theater

Lights, camera, action. Nothing puts excitement more into someone’s summer vacation than a trip to the movies. They provide a community experience unlike anything you would do at home. Plus, many of the big blockbuster movies come out during the summer. And hey, who wouldn’t want to chunk down a large bag of popcorn?

3. Bike riding

When it comes to summer vacations, the body easily falls victim to laziness. That’s why it’s best to go out and exercise while you have the free time. If you have a awesome bike then perhaps you should take it for a spin around the park. This exercise is beneficial to the lower body and keeps you active throughout most of the summer.

4. Reading

The brain takes a well deserved break during summer, but that doesn’t mean it should totally shut down. A book per week is good to keep the brain from slipping into non-existence. Read something that’s challenging, perhaps a new genre you haven’t had any interest in before. Trust me, after a solid summer of reading you’d be ready to take on the next round of classes.

5. Fourth of July bash!

C’mon, it’s the fourth of July. It’s the time for fireworks, barbeque and welcoming the odd stranger into your house. Okay, maybe that last part wouldn’t be very ideal for summer vacations, but at least it would be something different. Throw a fourth of July bash to light up your summer. Add music to give it a little life. Go bonkers! Just remember not to drink and drive.

Don’t Let Summer Vacation Pass You By, Try Doing These Things

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6. Volunteer

You know what really makes summer vacations spectacular, knowing that you did something good for others. Volunteering for your local shelter, or even helping out at a charity event not only provides you with a interesting summer vacation story but it also brings out the best part of you. Not everyone can afford to have a great summer, so be there for the unfortunate ones.

7. Go around the world

Not literally, but if you can do so! The world is too big and vast just to be stuck inside your room playing video games all day. If you have a passport and a hunger for adventure then go out and visit Paris, Africa, England, even Ohio. There are so many places with rich history and great food, go out and discover them for yourself.

8. Create something worthwhile

Whether it’s a novel, a video game, a new fashion skirt, or even just a plastic sword, if you can create it then go for it. Again, even though the brain deserves a break every once and a while it doesn’t mean it has to totally be in hibernation. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll see your creation on the big screen.

Don’t Let Summer Vacation Pass You By, Try Doing These Things

What were some of the worst summer vacations you ever had as a kid? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time.

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