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Don’t Go For The First Kiss, Here’s Why

Don’t Go For The First Kiss, Here’s Why

Don't Go For The First Kiss, Here's Why

Guys, I know that you want to go for the first kiss, but there are plenty of reasons why it may not be the best idea. Surely you should know that going for the first kiss takes time and patience, right? With that being the case, here’s several reasons for why you may not want to go for the first kiss.

1. She just may not be ready for it yet

Say if you and your girl are coming home from a date and you try to go for the first kiss, then what? Perhaps she’s not that in to you yet. Best case scenario she wants to take it slow. Worst case scenario is that she actually doesn’t like you at all. The main thing you have to consider is her needs and what those needs imply. Does she need a little bit of space? Is she worried about taking things too fast? Any one these scenarios could be possible.

Don’t Go For First Kiss, Here’s Why

2. You haven’t set the scene

Unless you’re comfortable with the paparazzi documenting every second of your entire life, then it’s probably best to pick a quiet spot to go for the first kiss. And let’s be honest, I don’t think she wants to a bunch of eyes glooming over her as she’s kissing you. Pick somewhere that’s romantic and calm. The Beach. A bench in the park. A rose garden. Okay, maybe I’m getting a little cliché but you get the point. I don’t think the first kiss should be at a mall where anybody can glare at the two of you.

Don’t Go For First Kiss, Here’s Why

3. Family first, always

Much like it when you have to ask the father if you can marry his daughter, the first kiss may have to come after you meet the parents. Usually it’s the other way around, but every so often she may want to test your patience by introducing her mom and dad. All you can do in this situation is to present yourself as cool, calm, and confident. Don’t ignore the parents, get to know them instead. And maybe, just maybe, either the father or mother may give the daughter the go ahead to kiss you.

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4. Past relationships could get in the way

It’s difficult to know every single aspect of your lover’s past. Many times it’s because she doesn’t want to go back to those days where she didn’t quite have control in her previous relationship. If she refuses to kiss you it may be because she just got of a bad relationship and just wants to take things slow at first. This goes back to her not being ready yet. You need to be patient with her and try to understand things from her point of view. It may just not be the right time to go for the first kiss, but it’ll come eventually.

Don’t Go For First Kiss, Here’s Why

5. There’s something stuck in your teeth

Look it happens to all of us. We get out of dinner, only to find out that something is stuck between our teeth. It could be steak, chicken, bread, or anything that’s tiny and slim enough to get lodged in there. What’s worse is your date finding out about it before you do. Suddenly she goes from looking at Prince Harry to looking at Kayne West(sorry to all the Kayne fans out there). This is why checking yourself in the mirror after dinner is one of your best moves during at date.

6. She just sees you as an friend

Friend zone, I know. But, what else can you do? You don’t want to end up as that super crazy stalker guy always trying to go for the first kiss even though she clearly doesn’t want it. Just be cool about it and be her friend. Hey, at least it’s better than having a piece of chicken stuck in your teeth all the time, right?

And there you have it. What was your first kiss experience like? Comment below and be sure to share this article.

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