Top 10 Domestic Beers You Should Know About

Beers of all different qualities and quantities find their way into everything from liquor stores, gas stations, and basic grocery providers. So how are you supposed to know which ones are worthwhile or best for your get together? Here’s your top 10 list of domestic beers you should know about.

1) Coors

Of all the beers listed here, I unapologetically am a Coors drinker and actively find it to be the most refreshing beer for year-round drinking. It boasts being as cold and refreshing as the mountain water from the Rockies, and of all other beers and their slogans, I find this one to be the truest. However, I will give it the knock that most give it these days after the super bowl commercial, Coors Light does have corn syrup in it, and is a very light beer without a strong hitting hop taste like some others. It still is my drink of choice.

Top 10 Domestic Beers You Should Know About


2) Pabst Blue Ribbon

Now, this is not to say I’m going to bash all of these other beers, after all, I can appreciate many of these. And Pabst Blue Ribbon is one heck of a good beer as well, more affectionately being called PBR for those of you that don’t know. It has a really strong forward hitting taste as soon as you sip it, kind of metallicly in a good way if that makes sense. It’s sharp! and gets even more potent if your beer starts to warm on a hot and sunny day. If you require some beers, this is a fine choice for those craving a bit more of a kick on the opening draw.

3) Busch

Now, if you do like more of a mild hitting lighter beer, Busch is going to be your go-to for domestic drinking. It’s crisp and refreshing while still being very drinkable in multitudes of cans or bottles. It definitely a drink that you last you throughout a gathering without feeling over weighed down. I will say though, I find Busch light somewhat too light if you catch my drift. I don’t get a lot of taste out of it, in my opinion, and will only drink it straight.

4) Samuel Adams

I snicker when this name pops up in a list of beers. Samuel Adams has a wide range of varieties in their beer line. And many of them are quite good. But where PBR has a sharpness, I would say Sam Adams has more of a punch. The flavor profile of this beer sweeps over your entire mouth and usually has quite a dark or amber ale kind of vibe alongside it. It definitely touches on the bitter side but again still a good choice among many beers.


5) Miller

When I think Miller and various beers, I think of the middle ground contender. A good mixture of crisp and refreshing while still having a bit of that welcoming bite to it. Honestly, a good first-timer choice to get a gauge as to whether you like more blunt and strong flavors in a beer or sharp and crisp flavors. Either way, you will have to try a few beers as Miller has a handful of choices in their beer line. But it might be worth it to test your palette.

Top 10 Domestic Beers You Should Know About

6) Fat Tire

Dark, Ale-like, heavy-hitting taste when compared with any other beers. If you know what Guinness it or have heard of it, this is the domestic entryway into moving towards that kind of flavor profile. Brewed similarly with coffee barrels and grinds, this beer is dark and has a mildly sweet profile from the coffee influences. However, it does have its refreshing qualities when served nice and cold, not a beer I would let sit around long unless it’s buried in a snowbank.


7) Shiner Bock

If you need some beers to take with you on a day out golfing or fishing, Shiner Bock is a good choice to take. Again, another one of those kinds of specified beers that are really going to help you figure out what spectrum of beer you like. It definitely has a bit of bite to it but goes down quite smooth. easy to drink when in need of a cold drink and does have refreshing qualities. A bit on the heavy side if you start to drink a handful though.

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8) Goose IPA

In terms of domestic beers, I find this to be the most readily available and heard of IPA. For those that don’t know, IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale. What that effectively means is a beer that is going to have a heavy beer flavor. I know really specific for those who haven’t had a beer before but that’s simply the best way to describe it. That hoppy, wheaty, blunter encompassing flavor is what IPA’s go for. And Goose is quite popular and a fine beer to drink for entry-level IPA tasting.


9) Spotted Cow

Alright, fans of this beer please comment on your reasons for enjoying this beer in the comments below. I really don’t mind this beer, but when stacked up against other beers on this list I really can’t say I prefer it over many/most. There’s a really specific taste with this beer that I can’t place my finger on. Definitely bitey, but more so in the back of the throat after you swallow. It has good beer flavor, but the way it feels when drinking it kind of puts me off. Still, I know people who absolutely love this beer so I’m not knocking it as a beer, simply not for my taste.

10) Budweiser

Alright, you knew this was coming. Of all the domestic beers, Budweiser and Bud Light tend to hold the spotlight over many other beers. It’s heavily influenced by America’s upbringing and shares the colors of our flag. The beer is crisp and refreshing while still having a very prominent taste that doesn’t get lost even in Bud Light. You really can’t go wrong here if this is your first beer, but it might ruin lighter beers for you, given its prominent taste.

Top 10 Domestic Beers You Should Know About


Have any other honorable mentions for this list of domestic beers to know? Feel free to write them down in the comments below, or let us know where you’re from and what local breweries have going for you.

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