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Top 10 Dog Outfits For Halloween

Dressing up your canine companion in dog-outfits can be a really cute thing to do, and luckily there are so many different ideas for outfits! However, the biggest downside to this is that there are just so many to choose from. It can get time consuming to scroll through images of outfits which, while cute, aren’t…well…amazing. To find the truly best can take a up to a couple hours of dedicated time. To assist you in your search for something outstanding for your best friend to wear, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best dog-outfits for your perusal. You won’t believe how funny and cute some of the outfits are!

Dog Carrying Pumpkin

Starting off the list of dog-outfits is one of the most unique and cute costumes you’ll ever see: a dog carrying a pumpkin! Have you ever gone to a pumpkin patch with your dog and felt bad that they can’t get one? Well, not anymore! With this costume, your dog can celebrate the Halloween season even more. The costume features two dolls carrying a huge pumpkin between them. The twist is that one of those dolls is actually your dog! While the doll behind the pumpkin is fake, the doll in front has the head of your dog and guides the way back home.

Dog With Cowboy

Whenever your dog races around the house, make sure that it’s wearing this costume. Everyone will be sure to laugh when they see it! Out of the many dog-outfits for sale online, this cowboy costume is definitely one of the funniest. A cowboy doll seated on a saddle with his hat in one hand is placed right behind your dog’s head so that it appears as if he has traded in his horse for a much cuter steed. While this costume still looks funny when your dog is walking around, it becomes absolutely hilarious when it your dog starts to run all over.

Dog Snowman

Dress up your dog for winter parties with the cutest of all dog-outfits! When looking straight ahead at your puppy, this costume will make it appear as if its head is coming out of a snowman. Starting from the bottom, this outfit conceals your dog’s feet with white coverings so it won’t look as if the dog snowman has clawed and furry feet. The main part of this cute costume features three buttons on the body, two stick arms to either side, and a red and green scarf around the neck. Resting on your dog’s head is a big top hat cocked slightly to the side with a cloth that matches the scarf.

Winter Coat With Antlers

Winter dog-outfits are really popular, so it’s no surprise that another one made it onto this list. This costume brings to mind Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas due to the antlers up near the dog’s head. However, this is a much cuter version since the antlers are attached to a fur lined hood that your dog can wear over its head. You can also put the hood down if your dog doesn’t feel comfortable with it up. The hood isn’t the only part of this outfit, though. The designers went all out with this one by making a dog hoodie! The front paws of your dog are placed in two sleeves which, like the hood, are also lined with white fur.

Police Dog

You’re driving a little fast on the ride and, oh no! you get pulled over by a police officer. When they approach the window, you look out, and then down, at a tiny dog dressed in a police uniform. This is one of the few dog-outfits that can give your dog a sense of authority over you! With one hand on their hip and one pointing away, your dog appears like it’s reprimanding you for something you’ve done wrong. This serious pose is aided thanks to the sunglasses which cover your dog’s eyes. These will prevent you from seeing the normally sweet and innocent eyes of your best friend. The outfit is completed by the police cap that lies on their head.

School Bus Costume

School’s starting up again! Don’t be late for the bus! In late August/early September, put away the summer dog-outfits and dress up your dog as a school bus, instead. Unlike other dog-outfits, this one is more simple, but no less cute. Cardboard cutouts of the sides of a school bus are placed on either side of your dog, with pictures of the passengers at the windows. You can decide whether they will be kids on the way to school, or dogs on the way to the groomers. As an added bonus, you can even name the bus! There are seemingly endless ways that you can personalize this costume. It doesn’t even have to be yellow if you don’t want it to!

Guitar Playing Dog

Your dog will be the star of the show when they put on this costume. Who says there are is no place for a guitar in dog-outfits? Not us! If you choose to dress your dog in this outfit, be sure to place a guitar in the little hands that come attached to the costume. Everyone will think that your dog is ready to hop onto a nearby stage at any moment! Or, if your dog has stage-fright, let them play their music on a boat. The shirt that comes with the outfit would be perfect for playing somewhere near the water. You also have the option of putting a wig on your dog’s head to complete the outfit, although some dogs really do look better without it.

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Shark Dog

Look out! There’s a shark in the water! Oh wait, it’s just Fluffy! Yes, there are dog-outfits out there that can even make your dog look like a hungry shark. When you pull this costume over your dog’s head, make sure that none of the teeth in the wide mouth of the shark get into your dog’s eyes. It wouldn’t be good if the fearsome shark kept bumping into things! Of course, no shark costume is complete without the iconic dorsal fin rising from the back. Be sure to keep it as straight as possible. If needed, you can always put more stuffing into it. This outfit also features tiny shark fins on either side of your smiling dog.

Pirate Dog

Picture this: you’ve been captured by pirates and are being forced to walk the plank into shark infested waters (although the sharks seem cuter than you thought they’d be). The pirate captain finally shows themselves. It’s your dog! This costume should definitely be added to your collection of dog-outfits. Your pirate dog will have not just one, but two hook hands. Who needs hands when you’ve got hooks, right? Dark blue pantaloons and a brown vest make up the majority of this outfit. Around the middle of the vest is a belt where your dog would put a sword if they had one. Also, no pirate would be caught dead without their pirate hat and, thankfully, your dog has one of their own.

Seal Dog

Make your dog fall switch from being a land mammal to one that lives in the sea with this impressive costume. Whenever your dog sits or lays down, it will appear to all that, in the blink of an eye, your dog has turned into a seal. This is one of the more snug dog-outfits, since your dog’s head should be tight against the costume. This’ll enhance the illusion that your dog is actually a seal! Two flippers cover your dog’s front legs completely so nothing shows, while the back legs have likewise disappeared, leaving only a huge tail. However, while your dog is wearing this outfit, it might be hard for it to run without tripping, so make sure you don’t excite it!

What do you think about these dog-outfits? Did you think they were funny? Cute? Let us know in the comments below!

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