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15 Dog Instagrams That Make You Wonder Why You Still Don’t Have One

15 Dog Instagrams That Make You Wonder Why You Still Don’t Have One

Do you love your dog or always wished you had one? Look no further than these dog Instagram accounts for an overload of cuteness!

If you’ve run out of browsing material on Instagram (impossible, I know) then here’s a list of the 15 most important accounts to check out. Here are all the dog Instagrams who have completely stolen our hearts.

1. Barney Bear – @its_barney_bitches

Barnabas, who goes by Barney for short, is a London based Chow-Chow with all the attitude. Incredibly fluffy, his cute face is an easy distractor from his cheeky captions. But hey, even good pups like to have a little fun.

2. Dean – @deanthebasset

Dean is a four-year-old basset hound from Toronto. If puppy eyes and big floppy ears are your weakness, you may want to look away now. This is a dog who understands the importance of costumes and snuggly naps.


3. Bennie – @puffinandbennie

Not only is Bennie living his best life, but I think he may be living mine too. From convertibles to summers on the Cape, this dog is living one good life. His perfectly curated feed comes from a little help from his owners, Kiel and Sarah Patrick who own an American-made clothing brand. So basically, this dog is also fashion royalty.

4. Finn the Sato – @keepingfinn

If you have a soft spot for rescues or mutts, then Finn is your guy. Rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, this dog is now living an adventurous life promoting The Sato Project, which protects and rescues other dogs just like him. Based in Massachusetts, locals may catch a glimpse of Finn roaming the fields or sailing the seas.

5. Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese – @harlowandsage

So technically these four make a family, but believe me when I say four is definitely better than one. Each with a unique and huge personality, this account is full of pics that will not only melt your heart, but give you a good laugh every now and then. And did I mention they have over 1.6 million loyal fans?


6. Loki – @loki

Something tells me Marvel is bitter they don’t have this handle, but we sure aren’t. Loki the wolfdog may be the most intense pup on social media. Every photo is a high-quality shot chronicling his adventures in the great outdoors. Seriously, this dog will make you want to climb a mountain.

7. Tuna – @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna has been around on the internet for a while, but if you somehow missed out on his viral face or haven’t seen him recently, I promise you he’s still worth checking out. He may not be the dog version of an Instagram model, but he will brighten your day with a smile. He even has his own hashtag: #tunameltsmyheart.

8. Doug the Pug – @itsdougthepug

The self-named “King of Pop Culture,” Doug is living life to the fullest. He’s just enjoying being adored by his 3.5 million followers and partying like the player he is. With an outfit for every situation, Doug is always prepared to brighten your day and deliver amazing content.


9. Samson the Goldendoodle – @samsonthedood

If cuddling is something you’re into, Samson is the pup for you. With the fluffiest fur and sleepiest face, it’s a wonder he’s not confused for a teddy bear. Samson understands the importance of props and relaxation, which means his account is both entertaining and adorable.

10. Tate – @tatetheminidoodle

Tate is a miniature labradoodle, which basically translates to a ball of cuteness. He’s the type of dog you just want to scoop up and take with you everywhere you go. Which is exactly what his Victoria’s Secret Angel/Mom, Taylor Hill does. This pup is living the life we dream of and we aren’t even salty about it one bit thanks to his Instagram updates.

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11. Jiff the Pom – @jiffpom

This dog is adorable, has more Instagram followers than some of your favorite celebrities and has a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award. I mean seriously, it’s impossible to tell whether or not Jiff’s a dog or an accessory. This tiny pup has a huge following for obvious reasons and is showing no signs of slowing down now.

12. Marnie – @marniethedog

Marnie is the type of goofy I aspire to be. This lovable girl is just looking to have a good time. Known for her perpetually stuck out tongue, Marnie is the selfie queen. She’s the kind of dog you just can’t help, but want to be friends with one day.

13. Bodhi – @mensweardog

There is nothing low key about this guy. Bodhi has great fashion sense and he knows it. He has completely left dog costumes behind and graduated to designer sunglasses and cashmere sweaters. The only surprise here is that he’s not walking the runways. Here’s to hoping for a New York Fashion Week debut.


14. Golden’s Lizzie + Ally – @lizzie.bear

Everyone has a soft spot for golden retrievers and these two are no exception. Perhaps the happiest dogs on the planet, they love the beach and each other. One of the most satisfying Instagram accounts to scroll through, these two are likely to brighten anyone’s day.

15. Theo + Luli – @thegoldentwo

These siblings may be the cleanest dogs on the planet. Their whole Instagram is almost pure white due to their polar bear coats. They make the perfect addition to your Instagram feed when you’re in need of a little therapy and will definitely always say yes to a pat on the head or maybe just a double click.

What is your favorite dog account on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

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