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5 Dog Friendly Cafes You Need To Take Your Pooch To

5 Dog Friendly Cafes You Need To Take Your Pooch To

5 Dog Friendly Cafes You Need To Take Your Pooch To

Treat yourself and your dog to an outing to one of Melbourne’s best dog friendly cafes. Pamper them with a puppachino while you enjoy a cappuccino and a treat for yourself.

1. Capulus & Co

This dog friendly cafe is situated on Sydney road in Brunswick, conveniently right across from Princes Park! This family run business is a literal hole in the wall, it is a cafe operating out their living room window onto the sidewalk!

Take your pooch right up to the coffee window and sit on a table watching the morning rush go by before you head over to Princes Park for a walk. The coffee is divine and their house baked treats will be the perfect pre-walk energy snack. It will paws down be your fave place to take your dog.

5 Dog Friendly Cafes You Need To Take Your Pooch To

2. Fourth Chapter

This bright and airy dog friendly cafe has the perfect atmosphere for your combined morning coffee and bonding time with your dog. Sit out in the pretty courtyard with a latte and one of their delicious healthy meals and best of all, you can order your dog a handmade biscuit! They will love you for it.

This dog friendly cafe in Prahran is also conveniently located across from Victoria Gardens! Perfect for a walk with your little buddy.

3. Miss Drews Bakery & Dog Cafe

This cafe is the friendliest of dog cafes. It is for dogs only! They make great healthy handmade treats for your pooch and even create perfect party treats should you want to throw a party for your pooch! They also offer a range of different toys, organic shampoo and washing products, leashes and more. Whatever your dog desires, this cafe will have it!

This retro inspired kiosk is the perfect pampering play date for your puppies, Encourage your friends to bring their dogs along to and all can enjoy what this lovely cafe has to offer.

5 Dog Friendly Cafes You Need To Take Your Pooch To

4. The Dog Cafe

This dog friendly cafe is another treasure trove of activities for your furry best friend. Order them a signature puppachino (and a cappuccino for yourself) while you relax in comfort. Afterwards your dogs can roam free in the sandpit or ball pit in the unleashed area while you take videos of the utter delight going on. Order a light lunch for yourself and for your dog here, what more could you want!

Host a doggie birthday party or a doggie wedding at this cafe to really let people know how much you love your dog.

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5 Dog Friendly Cafes You Need To Take Your Pooch To

5. The Farm Cafe

This lovely rustic cafe is the ultimate dog friendly cafe and boasts more outdoor areas than inside. Enjoy the family friendly farm vibes while you eat a delicious and wholesome meal, with your dog sitting warmly at your feet. It’s utter chaos is charming with kids, chickens and dogs running around but sure to be the highlight of your weekend and want you coming back for more.

Enjoy the fresh, local produce of the farmers market around the corner with your dog on a lead and make sure to introduce your dogs to the friendly farm animals!

Extra: Republik of Elwood

For an extra treat, take your dogs to a dog friendly bar! This local Elwood bar is perfect for a social catch up with your friends and your dogs! Enjoy a pint or two with your friends in the courtyard and treat your dog to the free dog biscuits on the counter. They will be in heaven!

5 Dog Friendly Cafes You Need To Take Your Pooch To

Which of these dog friendly cafes would your furry best friend like the most? Let us know!

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