Does Age Difference Matter In Relationships?

Does Age Difference Matter In Relationships?

Do you ever wonder if age difference matters in relationships? Is there something wrong with it? Or is age just a number? As long as the age difference isn’t totally creepy (and the age difference is legal), here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t worry when it comes to age!

Love Is Love

If there’s a connection, then there’s a connection. Love is love, no matter what it looks like and you cannot tell someone that it isn’t right if they are feeling it. Sometimes two people just click, and I can promise you that it has nothing to do with how old they are.

An age difference doesn’t mean anything to love. What matters is if you can understand each other and accept each other. If you are happy and feel at peace with the relationship, then see where it leads you! Why miss out on something that could be incredible just because of an age difference?

Does Age Difference Matter In Relationships?

Age Does Not Determine The Success Of A Relationship

If age was the thing that determined the success of a relationship, then that relationship isn’t very deep. Having a blossoming relationship depends on much more than how many days you have walked on this earth!

A relationship is successful because two people understand each other and respect each other. They connect on a deeper level, support each other, make each other laugh, and a number of other things! Not one of those reasons is because of how old they are.

One factor that leads to a healthy and successful relationship is the couple being at the same maturity level. But maturity level has nothing to do with age. For example, I know 45-year-olds who are as mature as 20-year-olds and vice versa. This proves that in certain situations, age really is just a number!

Does Age Difference Matter In Relationships?

Imagine This

Imagine meeting someone, maybe in a coffee shop or bar, and you have an incredible conversation. You really vibe and you are attracted to each other! Then at the end of talking for almost an hour, you find out that they are 7 or 8 years younger or older than you.

If you are worried about an age difference, you have two options: Continue this and see where it goes? Or cut it off and miss out on getting to know someone you’ve just had an amazing connection with.

Some people may look down on the idea of a couple having a big (7-10 years) age difference in their relationship, but if you are attracted to someone and there is a strong connection, why cut it off because of what others may think? You could be missing out on an amazing adventure with someone!

Does Age Difference Matter In Relationships?

Scientifically Speaking

Studies show that female brains mature a bit faster than males. This may be a reason why some females date males older than them.

See Also

Age difference in relationships does not matter. As long as the couple is at (or close to) the same maturity level, then it’s all good! Being at the same maturity level will allow a couple to connect even more, but like I said earlier, age does not determine maturity level.

Does Age Difference Matter In Relationships?

Don’t Let Age Difference Keep You From Something Amazing

If you meet someone and your personalities mesh, they give you butterflies, and you truly enjoy spending time with them, then don’t worry about the age difference. Who knows, this could be your soulmate!

So at the end of the day, if you meet someone who you just get, someone who you vibe and have fun with, then don’t worry! Have fun, live in the moment, and don’t cut yourself off just because of a number! You could be missing out on experiencing the love of a lifetime.

Does Age Difference Matter In Relationships?

What do you think about age differences in relationships? Let us know in the comments below!

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