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Do All Guys Have A ‘Cheater” Inside Of Them?

Do All Guys Have A ‘Cheater” Inside Of Them?

Relationships and dating is never easy, especially when you're scared of your partner cheating on you. For the longest time, men have had a bad rap as the ultimate cheaters...but, is it fair to say that “all men cheat”? Do all men really have a “cheater” in them?

We, women are notorious for coining and shouting the phrase “all men cheat”. And yes, that is because most, if not all of us, have dealt with our fair share of men who have cheated on us either once or multiple times. But, is it fair to say that “all men cheat”? Do all men really have a “cheater” in them?

When we look at the male species, it is without question in their nature to hunt, prowl on and ultimately “conquer”, us women species.

Men will admit this fact themselves. The problem that occurs though is that a good amount of men, use their nature to hunt, prowl on and “conquer”, a plethora of women at once, while also having a wife or girlfriend at home. This is where the phrase “all men cheat” comes into play.


It honestly isn’t fair though, to the men who actually do not cheat or “activate” the “cheater” within themselves, to be lumped into the group of men who do cheat.

We women who are hard-working and independent, wouldn’t want to be lumped into a group where men said, “all women are gold-diggers”.

I personally know a good number of men that 100% have not cheated on their significant others.

And I know some of you will read that and say, “yea the fuck right” or “okay, where can I find this unicorn of a man?”. However, I am sure if you all really think about it, you too could probably say that not all mean have a “cheater” in them because you yourself know some men who do not cheat on their women.

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So, with that said, I do not believe that all men have a “cheater” inside of them.

There are some real good men out there who know how to fully commit and loyal to a woman and know how to treat her right!

Do you know any guys who truly have a cheater inside them? Let us know down below!