DIY Workout Shirt

It can be hard to find cute workout clothes that you like. Using this DIY, you can make your own workout shirt by turning a ratty old t-shirt into a cute racerback in no time! And it can easily transform to a cute t-shirt when you go meet your friends after a workout. All you need to make this is an old t-shirt (bigger is better), scissors, and just a little time!

diy workoutshirt3











First cut off the neckline, the bottom hem, and the sleeves. When you’re cutting the sleeves, cut down from the shoulder and curve below the armpit seam. This is where you decide how thick you want the straps to be, so don’t cut off too much.

diy workoutshirt4








Determine how low you want the  neckline to be, and cut off the extra.

Now flip the shirt over and cut out the back to make the narrow racerback, curving in from the armpits. Then cut a deep V from the back neckline.

diy workoutshirt5







Using the excess from when you cut off the bottom hem, stretch it until it is a long piece of fabric, and knot it at the top of the racerback, a little above the bottom of the V.

diy workoutshirt1











Wrap the string all the way down and back up the racerback to tie it to the other end. Cut off the excess fabric.

diy workoutshirt6











If you want to give it the high-low look, where it’s longer in the back than in the front, turn it on it’s side and start cutting diagonally until you reach the back. Or if you’d rather not, you can just skip this step.

diy workoutshirt2













And now you have your own cute raceback tee without having to spend a ton of money at a store to buy one! Recycling old t-shirts is a lot of fine and can save a lot of money. You can check out some of our other shirt revamps here.


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