DIY Wire Chain Bracelet

Here’s a really simple chain bracelet you can make that is elegant and looks good with everything. And making it yourself is way cheaper than buying it at any store. You can get chains and wires from your local craft store or buy it off Amazon or even Etsy.

diy chainbracelet1


  • 16-gauge wire
  • chain
  • needle nosed plier
  • round nosed plier
  • wire cutter


diy chainbracelet2
First cut a piece of the chain that is as wide as your wrist.

diy chainbracelet3

Next, cut a piece of wire that would fit around your wrist, and wrap it around to give it a circular shape. Using your round nosed pliers, create a hook at one end of the wire and attach the chain to it.

diy chainbracelet4

Close your hook with the needle nosed pliers.

diy chainbracelet5

Wrap the chain and wire around your wrist, and cut the wire so that it goes about half an inch passed the first chain. This will be the closing part of your bracelet.

diy chainbracelet6

Once it’s cut, make a hook like you did earlier, making sure the chain can fit. The tighter the better, so the chain can’t slip out, but you still need to be able to remove the bracelet if you’d like to. And that’s it! Your own wire chain bracelet.


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