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10 DIY Winter Bath Bomb Recipes For A Cozy Night In

10 DIY Winter Bath Bomb Recipes For A Cozy Night In

These DIY winter bath bomb recipes are going to make your cozy night in so much better! Here are some of our favorite bath bombs!

During the winter, there are very few things that are more relaxing than enjoying a nice hot bath after a long day of being in and out of the cold. There are many things you can add to your bath to enhance the experience such as adding bubbles, an aromatic bath salt, or flower petals. Although, the best thing to add to a bath is a bath bomb. Both bombs are great because they’re unique and smell great. They’re even better in the winter time because they can be used as holiday gifts as well, or just a simple way to indulge in some much-needed self-care. But bath bombs aren’t always cheap, so here are a few DIY bath bomb recipes for a cozy night in.

Gingerbread Bath Bombs

The smell of fresh baked cookies seems to be a constant during the winter months. Although there are many types of cookies, gingerbread is very popular around the holidays. So, why not create this yummy smelling gingerbread bath bomb. With this DIY bath bomb you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet smell of gingerbread while soaking in a warm bath.


Peppermint Bath Bombs

This DIY bath bomb is for any peppermint or candy cane lover. These bath bombs will leave you smelling sweet and minty after your relaxing bath. Not only do they smell good they’re also super cute. You can form them in the shape of a candy cane or mint candy or get be more creative with the shape. It’s up to you! This is one of the best bath bomb recipes!

Moisturizing Bath Bombs

Everyone knows that the harsh winter weather can do some serious damage do your delicate skin. This DIY bath bomb in the perfect solution for rejuvenating dry, itchy skin. The recipe contains many moisturizing ingredients and can be customized to your liking. Depending on what your skin needs you can pick and choose various essential oils to mix into this recipe. No matter what extra ingredients you add, this bath bomb will soothe even the most irritated skin.


Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs

Pumpkin spice is basically the spice mascot during the winter months. Everyone is enjoying everything from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin spice scented candles. With this DIY bath bomb recipe, you can now enjoy a pumpkin spice bath as well.


Apple Cider Bath Bombs

Apple cider is a warm and delicious drink to enjoy during the winter. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could also enjoy sinking into a tub of warm apple cider? Well, now you can! Try this DIY bath bomb to turn your hot bath into something resembling a hot cup of cider.

Snowman Bath Bombs

These little cuties are great for getting in the holiday mood. This DIY bath bomb is shaped like a cute little snowman and can be customized to you liking. However, if you follow the recipe you’ll find that this little guy has a fruity and tropical scent to him.


Snowball Bath Bombs

Bath bombs already look like little snowballs, so this DIY bath bomb will be super easy to make. Mix the recipe to smell how ever you please. You can even add glitter if you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your bath.

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Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

This DIY bath bomb is perfect for Christmas. Create a sparkly tree shaped, floral scented bath bomb that releases relaxing essential oils as it dissolves in the water. If your feeling super creative, you can even use these as cute ornaments on your tree


Hot Chocolate Bath Bombs

If you’ve ever wanted to dive into a warm delicious cup of hot chocolate now’s your chance. This DIY bath bomb creates a chocolaty smelling bath bomb that makes you feel as if you are surrounded in a lake of chocolate.

Pearl Bath Bombs

Relax in a beautiful iridescent pool with this DIY bath bomb. This bath bomb releases a calming rose scent, while releasing shimmery rose gold, aqua, and pearl white colors into the water.


Which of these bath bomb recipes are you looking forward to trying this winter? What are your bath bomb recipes? Let us know below!
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