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DIY Wide Leather Belt

DIY Wide Leather Belt

A belt is a cute way to add a little leather to a girlie outfit like a maxi dress or a blouse and a skirt. It’s a great way to incorporate one of this season’s hottest materials without going overboard on it. Warning: this DIY does include some hand stitching.

diy leatherbelt17


  • Leather (the thicker it is the better)
  • measuring tape
  • a belt you own at least 1 in wide
  • muslin/scrap material
  • a pen and light pencil or crayon
  • needle/thread, possible pliers and thimble
  • ruler
  • leather hole punch
  • rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • bead reamer
  • screw back cone studs

diy leatherbelt16

First, measure your waist, and where you’ll want the beginning and end of your belt to go.

diy leatherbelt15


Then, mark down your measurements on your scrap material. Err on the side of caution, as you can always cut more off.

diy leatherbelt14

Fold your material so that the edges line up, and sketch out your belt patten based on your measurements.


diy leatherbelt13

Using scissors and your rotary cutter, cut out this design. As it’s still folded, you’ll be cutting through the two layers at once, but make sure you don’t cut the fold or else you’ll ruin the pattern.

diy leatherbelt12


Use your cut out as the pattern and place it on the leather. Trace it using your pencil or crayon.

diy leatherbelt11

Carefully cut out the design. If your leather is too thick for scissors, just use a blade. Use the rotary cutter to cut out the middle. If your leather is too thin, you will have to make two of these so it’s stable enough to wear around your waist.


diy leatherbelt18

Fold it together so the edges match up, and trim off an excess.

diy leatherbelt8


Now place your belt on top of your new piece, and cut out four belt loops.

diy leatherbelt7

Two of your belt loops will be used to wrap around the middle of the belt to hold everything in place, and hand stitch them there. This is where the pliers and thimble come in handy. Make sure that they are long enough to fully circle the belt.


diy leatherbelt19

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The other two loops should be a little wider and bigger, as they are for decoration purposes as well. These will be on the front of the belt, and you’ll use your leather hole punch to punch holes on either end. Then, using your bead reamer or pen, line up the holes with the belt front and punch those as well.


diy leatherbelt6

Now just pop a screw in and use a screw driver to set them in place. Or, if you’d prefer, you can just hand sew them together.

diy leatherbelt5


Simply slide your belt through the loops, and you’re done! A leather belt perfect for any fall dress you own.

diy leatherbelt 2





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