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10 DIY Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Special Day Amazing

10 DIY Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Special Day Amazing

DIY wedding ideas will make your special day even more memorable! Here are wedding decoartions that you can make yourself!

DIY wedding ideas are the biggest trend right now.  Finding the best ideas that work with your budget and style is becoming easier to do.  Here are 10 top DIY wedding trends to spruce up your day.

1. Photo booth and Selfie Station

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests.  Polaroid Cameras are coming back as a retro option for a little souvenir for your guests or for you!  Making a fun backdrop will help keep this moment special. From using streamers, to fun colored paper, wood pallets, even a floral background, there are so many options to fit your theme.  

2. Confetti, Bubbles and Rice, Oh My!

Rice isn’t the wedding trend it used to be.   There is nothing glamorous about it. Instead of throwing rice, new trends are taking way.  Confetti, flower petals even glitter. Making up some DIY bags or containers to place near an exit table makes it easy for people to access them for the big exit.  Bubbles are an easy cleanup option, gentle on the happy couple and always a big hit with the kiddos.


3.) Chalkboard signs

DIY Chalkboard signs are a returning top wedding trend.  You can write your welcome sign on it, add on to the tables for table numbers or seating arrangements, or even have the wedding party information on it.  The best part about this is it is an inexpensive, unique idea and easy to personalize it with your wedding colors.

4.) Unique DIY guest book ideas.

Speaking of unique ideas, you can use those chalkboards to help create the most unique photo guest book of your special day.  We are past the good old days where people walk in the door and sign a book with a simple “Congrats!” Have a chalkboard station near a photographer and encourage your guests to write out a fun message, wish or thought for your special day.  The photographer can capture the picture and then just like that, you now have a unique guest book with the memories and well wishes of your special day. You could also use a Polaroid camera to capture the moments if you want to save money on a photographer for that part.

5.) Coffee Bar

One of my favorite wedding trends that I experienced was a coffee bar.  Whether you have it accessible all day long or just at the end, I think it’s a great idea to unwind.  Nowadays Keurig machines are the easy way to go, and probably the easiest way to make this happen.  You could add your own DIY touch with honey, creamers, cinnamon or any toppings you wish. If you really want to get creative, you could plan ahead and order coffee cups, travel or paper with your name and wedding dates on them or come up with a fun saying to add to the moment.  I know after a long filled day at a wedding a cup of coffee, regular or decaf is a lovely thing to take home. Don’t forget to add that chalkboard sign instructing your guests to help themselves!


6.) Crazy colored socks and shoes.

This wedding trend is simple, fun and doesn’t have to be an obvious detail unless you want it to be.   The groomsmen wear crazy fun colored socks under their nicely dressed suits. ‘ a fun little surprise and a great way to bring your bridal party together.  Then there is the option that both parties can choose to wear fun colored shoes, usually Chuck Taylor’s to add a more casual and vibrant flair to the day.  After all, if your bridal party is going to have to buy shoes for a wedding, wouldn’t it be cool if it was something they could wear all the time?

7.) Non- Traditional Wedding Bouquets.

I absolute, love this wedding trend, maybe because I did it myself.  Flowers are pretty, but can sometimes contain allergies, fragrances or smells that aren’t as pretty as the flower itself.  The new trend is to create a bouquet out of other objects. Some popular trends are beads, paper or buttons. It adds a little flair and sparkle for your day, plus it is something that can sit in a vase in your house and add as a piece of decor for many years after.

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8.) Picture perfect Centerpieces

Mason Jars and even empty wine bottles are an inexpensive centerpiece option.  Filling them with battery operated lights and pictures are a cool wedding trend to keep the simplicity of your day and the focus on the happy couple.   The choice of images can be pictures of you and your spouse-to-be during your years of courtship, pictures of you as children in the days leading to meeting your soul mate, or even asking your family members to donate pictures of their wedding day to include some fun memories during the celebration.

9.)  Guest Welcome Bags

Have you thought about the people who have to travel from a long distance to join your happy day?  One wedding trend that is popular is making them a “welcome bag”. Whether they are staying in a hotel or with family a welcome bag is a nice gesture.  Ideas to fill it can be tissue, hand sanitizer, some snacks, note pad and pencil, deck of cards and a list of your favorite restaurants nearby as well as a note card with addresses to the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

10.) DIY archway or Garland.

Gorgeous accents around you on your wedding day are a top wedding trend.  Making streamers, pom pom garland, floral archways, fabric or paper flowers or a mix of balloons to decorate and archway brings a lot of flair to your special day.  


DIY wedding ideas make your special day more colorful, more special and more you! What trends have you seen or used?

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