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18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You’ll Adore

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You’ll Adore

Planning a wedding is not easy, there are so many little details that can truly make a huge difference. There are also a ton of ways to save money, cause let’s be honest weddings are super expensive. Depending on the theme you chose, it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for, so making your own sounds like a great idea! DIYing your own centerpieces is not only a great way to save money but also great for bonding with some of your closest family members or best girlfriends! 

1. Greenery

If you are having a very simple and classy wedding, sticking to plain centerpieces will maintain the classy vibe you’re going for. This centerpiece could be my favorite right now! It includes greenery going down the table in a snake-like formation. It has white flowers peeking out and white candles placed out evenly. The white table cloth allows for this centerpiece to draw eyes to it.

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

2. Message In A Bottle

If a beach wedding is in your future, this centerpiece has the potential to be super cute! All you do is take an empty bottle and fill about ⅓ of it with sand, and then add either a cute picture or even a message to the table or family members! 

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

3. Mini Lanterns

Lanterns are romantic and very simple. All you need are small lanterns and little lights to put inside. Place little candles around the lanterns. You can decide whether you leave the lantern plain or add flowers to the top, turning it into its own vase for the night! This is perfect for a beach wedding or even a nighttime wedding!

4. Platter

This is one of the more classy looks. It includes a circular gold and metal platter tray, three different sized clear candle holders, and some greenery. You simply place the candle holders and candles onto the tray however you would like, and then drape the greenery all around! So super easy to do!

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

5. Wood box

Start by buying or thrifting for small wooden crates or boxes. Then place flowers (real or fake) into the box evenly. Then place three candles of different heights inside. This gives off a rustic feel and is very simple to make!

6. Mason Jar

Seriously, what can’t you use a mason jar for? This centerpiece is so easy and cheap to make! This centerpiece gives off a rustic barn vibe and wow is it cute! All you do is place flowers of any kind and color into the mason jar, create rustic looking table number tags, and tie the tags onto the mason jar using a tweed string!

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

7. Floating Candles

This centerpiece is so elegant and is easily customizable to the colors and look you are aiming for. By using clear vases, fill them with water, place in any flower petal color you would like and drop a candle in! You can decide how many you want on each table whether it’s three or even just one!

8. Wine Bottle

Using one empty wine bottle per table, this is for sure going to be a hit with all of your guests. Place fairy lights inside the bottle. On the outside, tie the table number around the neck of the bottle. Then, using a label printer, in a pretty font place the names of each guests on their designated table bottle! This is a fun way to see where you are sitting and it is super cute for the middle of the table!

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

9. Candle

This is seriously so adorable! This centerpiece is by far the easiest to make, but one of the best looking ones! All you need are three candles, white ribbon, and some green leaves! You tie the leaves with the ribbon and it’s as easy as that! If you are having an outdoor wedding, this is an easy go to and will keep bugs away with the flame! 

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

10. Submerged Greenery

OMG, this look is so cute and will definitely add a wow factor at your wedding. This centerpiece is classy and beautiful. All you need are three vases filled almost to the top with water, take small matching tree branches or greenery and place them in the vases. To add more color, place cut flowers going around each individual vase.

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

11. Rose Vase

This seems to be a trend among the DIY wedding centerpieces, however this look is just too cute! Use two vases at different heights, fill the bottom with pearls, add water almost to the top, and place one singular rose inside the vase. It is very elegant and gives off Beauty and the Beast Vibes!

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

12. Mason Jar Candle

Place some little greenery around the base of the mason jar, place a candle on the inside, and leave the metal ring around the top of the jar to give it a more rustic feel. This look would be perfect and so adorable for a barn or outdoor wedding! 

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

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13. Mercury Glass Vase

No matter what colors you’re using, if you are planning to use flowers, this a beautiful way to incorporate them into your centerpiece. Use a glass vase in the shade rose gold and it will for sure catch eyes and stand out on the table. You can use any color vase you would like. 

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

14. Lanterns

Lanterns are the perfect way to tie together a classy, but sophisticated look. This lantern centerpiece specifically is very industrial and would look great at a barn wedding or even a beach wedding! You simply just add a candle or multiple candles to the inside!

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

15. Fishbowl

Add a little uniqueness to your table by placing a fishbowl in the center. Inside the bowl, add greenery, sand, flowers, shells, or whatever applies to your theme! It is so simple and looks super cute! 

16. Signs

Create cute little signs that can say anything from table number, to a phrase, or even the newly weds last name! Make sure you know the font and idea you are looking for before you start writing or painting on your signs! 

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

17. Wooden Table Sign

This cute little sign is adorable! All you need is a wooden frame and wooden numbers. Attach the two and then add some cute little flowers to the top and you’re done!

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

18. Wreathe

Place candles on the table and then place wreaths surrounding them! It gives off a magical and whimsical vibe that will for sure be commented on! So adorable!

18 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You'll Adore

Did you create and of these or make your own centerpiece? Let me know in the comments below!

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